Honesty Not Allowed

Continuing on the theme of Ben Stein, here’s an article in Scientific American which details some of the more blatant lies in Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

1) Expelled quotes Charles Darwin selectively to connect his ideas to eugenics and the Holocaust.

2) Ben Stein’s speech to a crowded auditorium in the film was a setup.

3) Scientists in the film thought they were being interviewed for a different movie.

4) The ID-sympathetic researcher whom the film paints as having lost his job at the Smithsonian Institution was never an employee there.

5) Science does not reject religious or “design-based” explanations because of dogmatic atheism.

6) Many evolutionary biologists are religious and many religious people accept evolution.

I recommend reading the whole article for the detailed breakdown of these points. They certainly don’t paint Stein or his production crew in a very honest light.

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