Honesty Not Allowed

Continuing on the theme of Ben Stein, here’s an article in Scientific American which details some of the more blatant lies in Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

1) Expelled quotes Charles Darwin selectively to connect his ideas to eugenics and the Holocaust.

2) Ben Stein’s speech to a crowded auditorium in the film was a setup.

3) Scientists in the film thought they were being interviewed for a different movie.

4) The ID-sympathetic researcher whom the film paints as having lost his job at the Smithsonian Institution was never an employee there.

5) Science does not reject religious or “design-based” explanations because of dogmatic atheism.

6) Many evolutionary biologists are religious and many religious people accept evolution.

I recommend reading the whole article for the detailed breakdown of these points. They certainly don’t paint Stein or his production crew in a very honest light.

  • Thin-ice

    Ben Stein is the keynote speaker this week for a financial conference being held here in Portland. Is he any any more trustworthy about financial matters than scientific matters? Maybe he’s the biggest “celebrity” name they could attract.

    I think he should stick to acting. Wait, he’s not even a very good actor either, is he?

    • UrsaMinor

      His primary strength is the intensity and power of his monotone. You decide.

      • FO

        Still, he was good enough to find the right friends/supporters to make money and make a movie.
        Also, I imagine that the people at the conference are used to learn from sleazybags.

  • Brian Westley

    Great, now the makers of “Expelled” can slap a sticker on the DVD: “As seen in Scientific American”

  • http://www.edstradgard.se Gerrie Warner

    Through and through Ben is one deeply disturbed and very creepy dude.

  • Reasongal

    One of the producers of Expelled, Mark Mathis, helped make a pro-fossil fuels propaganda film financed in New Mexico called “spOILed.” I live in a NM town with an oil-based economy, and one of the major producers here paid for anyone who wanted to go see it. Major circle jerk, no questions asked.

  • FO

    Bein Stein’s movie was aimed at people who don’t care about facts anyway.
    Why is this even relevant?
    Why is Scientific American advertising the movie?
    Is there still people that believe in the movie AND trusts Scientific American at the same time?