Mister Crowley

Heil the Great Mouthless One
Not long ago, Star Foster was wrestling with Thelema, the religion/spiritual philosophy that was developed by Aleister Crowley. It occurred to me that I know very little about Crowley beyond the pop culture bits, so I picked up a biography.

Before you meet Aleister, you naturally have to meet his father, Edward Crowley. That’s unfortunate, because Edward was one of the most irritating evangelicals ever. Here’s an example of his technique:

At other times, he would simply stop unsuspecting fellows on the street and ask what they were doing; after they answered, he would reply, “and then?” This question would repeat until the other inevitably answered with something like, “Well, I suppose I shall die.” This was the opening Crowley waited for, when he would interject the phrase he was known for: “Then you’d better get right with God!” He would then add the wretched soul’s name and address to his book and for years afterward send religious literature. [Richard Kaczynski, Perdurabo]

I think we now know what Aleister was rebelling against.

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