Rick Joyner Goes There

Rick Joyner seems to be in a competition with Cindy Jacobs to see who can claim the most outrageous miracles. Scott Bailey has a run-down of Jacobs’ claims, and obviously she’s decided to go large:

She claims to do the same miracles as Jesus; has given us the most insane and ignorant explanation of Occupy Wall Street ever; has called on Christians to use their super-duper magic to literally take control over the weather, claims to have reversed a hysterectomy by prayer, and claims to have feed three thousand people with just three loaves of bread and still have bread left over! She also claims to have revived people from the dead: On an absolutely disgusting display “during the August 6th edition of her show God Knows, the self-proclaimed “respected prophet” channeled her supernatural powers live on air to revive a dead child, claiming to have done so in the past as well.”

How do you compete with that? Well, Joyner decided to get a little more subtle. It’s been a common charge that God will not heal amputees. There’s even a website about it. Joyner is now claiming that healing sessions have restores amputees limbs.

Apparently being interrupted is enough to stop a healing. Interesting. Maybe we now understand why Jesus couldn’t perform miracles in his home town; people just kept bothering him.

Via Joe. My.God.

  • Norm

    So the question is ,did it grow back or not?,ask for evidence.What about Reinard Bonnke,the preacher in Africa who gets over a million people to his meetings,he prayed over a man who had been dead in the morgue for three days,had a death certificate as well,raised from the dead.There are pleanty of examples if you are interested google the 700 club.

    • http://themikewrites.blogspot.com JohnMWhite

      For crying out loud, Norm, do you have any idea what a credible source is? Do you understand the concept of bias? You hear a wild anecdote about a guy in Africa who was raised from the dead and your first thought isn’t “ok, could the preacher have bought the death certificate and paid off or poisoned the allegedly deceased victim, what natural explanations are there and can they be eliminated?” How credulous are you

      I understand you have faith and that, like Mulder, you want to believe. But you have got to wrap your head around the idea that not everybody is like you, not everybody is going to be impressed by the same weak, unconfirmed rumours you are. You can’t come to an atheist blog and say “hey, if you don’t believe my extraordinary story of a man being brought back to life, check the 700 club” and expect anybody to take you seriously. Why would you?

      • Sunny Day

        Bias is that thing atheists have against christians.

        • Sunny Day

          That’s the only definition that matters to Norm.

    • Kodie

      You’ve already admitted to being a frightened and gullible person so you don’t really need to try to impress us.

  • Mogg

    Strangely enough nobody ever seems to be able to produce photo or video evidence of these so-called miracles, or they happen in places where standards of evidence are, shall we say, not terribly high.

    You’re seriously referring people to the 700 Club? I don’t know whether to laugh or feel sick…

  • Troutbane

    Yeah, whats funny is that in all the miracle healing stories I read online is a) no actual evidence reported, only anecdotes, b) there is no follow up on whether miraculous cures “stuck” (i.e. remission), c) reviewed evidence is not revied by mutiple sources, at most one person, who although they may be a medical doctor, does not indicate that a miracle happened, or d) diseases are healed in in away that does not differentiate them from healing without divine intervention.
    Seriously, how about just some damn peer reviewed journals or reproducible experiments. Thats science!

    • bsharp

      It stands to reason that if this really happened the person who was partially healed would be proclaiming it publically. I think it was dream and Joyner is starting to have difficulty telling reality from dream. Poor guy.

      • Kodie

        The liberal media doesn’t want us to know.

  • Stony

    Screw video….does no one even have a blasted cellphone with a camera??? Seriously: Before. After. Simple. And yes, of course anyone could photoshop the hell out of it, but the fact that no one even takes pictures? Please.

  • vasaroti

    She turned me into a newt!