Simon Amstell on The Rudeness of Attacking Religious People

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  • Chris

    Meh – choosing to be patronizing instead of outright rude isn’t really embracing kindness, love or respect.

  • Brian K

    He’s too cute to disparage too bluntly! (LOL)

    • UrsaMinor

      If you are referring to Mr. Amstell, my response is “Not in my universe.”

      • vasaroti

        Agree. He reminds me a bit of Benedict Cumberbatch, one of the latest Sherlock Holmes. It’s nice to see young women attracted to guys with brains, but I must wonder what is wrong with their eyesight.

  • Francesco

    funny how he said the rudest thing possible after all the reasoning.

  • mikespeir

    I think we’ve just been treated to some advanced sarcasm! :-)

    • UrsaMinor

      Possibly. But if you push the envelope too far, it is difficult to distinguish advanced sarcasm from ordinary banality.

  • Bart Mitchell

    TL:DR version:
    I don’t want to attack religious people, so I will ridicule them and compare them to simple minded children.

    • Danielcb

      It’s not directed towards religious people, but atheists. He’s advocating being nice and respectful to religious people even though their views are ridiculous; the child analogy, at least to me, is that a religious person would be just as offended as a child playing helicopter.

      • Kodie

        I thought he was just being dry. I don’t think he actually thinks that’s kind or that treating religious people like simpletons, they wouldn’t be offended (if they could even tell – See Norm’s interpretation below).

      • Bart Mitchell

        He doesn’t seem to be advocating being nice in his example. I don’t know this guy, so I can’t tell if he’s just being ironic, or ignorant. Either way, he’s not advocating being nice.

        • Kodie

          Well, it can seem rude to get into an argument about it, so [rim shot], do the nice thing and patronize them! LOL. I think it’s supposed to be funny, and it’s a Daniel pick. I think over-analyzing it as if it were meant seriously is embarrassing at this point. Rather say, Daniel has gone away somewhere and come back thinking every fucking meme he sees is amusing enough to share. I really miss talking about stuff.

      • Bonnie Lee Fox

        Congratulations on not getting it. An atheist are you?

        Don’t misunderstand — I am an atheist — one who think atheists are acting in a way that justifies that they are most disliked demographic in the country.

        When the philosophy of Bertrand Russell and Thomas Huxley become the philosophy of Beavis and Butthead?

        If it is any consolation to believers, I, too, am sickened.

  • machintelligence

    Wouldn’t the correct (polite) response be: ” Nice to meet you, I am an atheist.”

    • Norm

      Yes that would be a good response,and interesting conversation would follow and at the end of the evening all would go home with a bit more understanding.I dont think the “choo choo train” thing was meant to be derogatory just a simple metaphor that we are all on the train of life,but some are in different carriages.

      • Mogg

        Except for the times when everyone will go home frustrated and bored as if they had been talking to wall, except for the Christian who probably thinks he or she has done a great job witnessing for Christ, all unaware that the perception that religious people are unintelligent and deluded has been noticeably strengthened in the minds of everyone else.

      • Kodie

        Wow, Norm. You can’t even tell when someone’s mocking you and you think it would be an interesting evening because you took it for a philosophical metaphor. Nobody would enjoy that party.

      • Yoav

        JohnC may have found his match.

        • UrsaMinor

          Ha! Not even close. JohnC has a bullet-proof shield of humility that protects him and prevents disagreements from ever escalating into flame wars.

  • Lurker111
  • jimmychrist

    Wow, most of you people are really dumb.

  • Stan

    Oh, my goodness. Folks, just go to YouTube, watch his stand-up entitled “Do Nothing,” and you’ll discover that he was just being cheeky, with a bit of a bite. He is a comedian, after all.

  • vasaroti

    It’s funny. I’d wear a shortened version on a t-shirt.

    The problem is that Mr. Amstell resides in the UK, where the severely religious are still more of a joke than a menace. Here in the US the children don’t care if they slice people up with their helicopter blades.

    • Mogg

      You seem to be forgetting that not only has the UK had terrorist attacks, it’s had them for decades. Just because only some of them have been perpetrated by Muslim rather than Catholic extremists doesn’t make them any less a result of religious extremism. The thing I think is sad is that instead of maintaining their composure as they did for decades, the UK government has bought into the security paranoia and privacy invasion that happened in the US. There are other ways to take things seriously which don’t involve the over-the-top approach.

  • Am

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    • FO

      Bot or not?

  • amber

    He’s known on english telivision for taking the piss out celebs on a comedy panel show, and Benedict is so much hotter!

  • amber

    Also we do view relegious extremism as a menace, we get terorrist attacks, but we do tend to have a very dark sence of humour its part of our charm lol

  • Robster

    I agree with the comedian. We’re way past the point of feining respect or even interest in people that blatantly admit they subscribe to religious nonsense. They should be held up for ridicule as the whole god/baby jesus/mo etc thing is total nonsense and testamount to the gullibility of even fairly intelligent people.