This is an Ex-Campaign

I don’t know why I find this as funny as I do …

  • mikespeir

    So, is Romney going to be President of the Celestial or the Telestial realm?

    • trj

      It’s an interesting idea in Mormonism that Romney could actually become a god himself. It’s got me thinking that maybe there’s something to Mormonism after all. It could certainly explain why the god in charge of our universe appears to be a bungling incompetent.

      • Len

        Interesting point. If god was a regular CEO, the shareholders would have kicked him out of his job by now.

        • trj

          I wonder what the mechanisms are. Are you’re elected god by some celestial committee? Or do you have to be approved by some super-god? Or do you just automatically become a god if you accept Jesus, regardless of the near-infinite level of intelligence, abilities and management skills you’d need to be any kind of competent god? How could any human reasonably be expected to become anything but a flawed, incompetent god?

          The more one considers it, the more ridiculous Mormon doctrine becomes – though in fairness that applies to most religions.

          • vorjack

            If I remember my Basic D&D rules, there are several different routes you can take towards becoming an immortal. I remember that one is to become a major world conqueror. I don’t know if getting elected counts.

            • Francesco

              One was to actually kill a god and /or rob him of his powers

  • vasaroti

    Not so sure about that! A big Taliban offensive, a video of some remark Obama made years ago, or some gloomy economic indicator could still turn the tide. The last event seems to be the thing Americans remember at the polls, rather than the candidates’ records. Yesterday I overheard people clucking over Obama’s “redistribution” remark, apparently not realizing that ALL taxes are redistribution.

    • Yoav

      Don’t forget a good, old fashioned, forged Florida election.

    • Paul

      The republican’s problem with redisribution is that its not being redistributed to them and their supporters. I have little problem with redistribtion to those who need it. My problem is redistributing money that we don’t have, taxes need to go up or spending needs to go down. both parties want to spend more than we raise in taxes

  • UrsaMinor

    Yeah, I’d say the numbers are still so close that it’s anybody’s election. And vasaroti is right; voters remember the last thing that happened, not the candidates’ performance records. It ain’t over until it’s over.

  • 100meters

    Don’t forget that Romney is likely supported by several percent more of the electorate than polls show, due to fear of being labeled a racist for simply opposing the President. This has been called the “Wilder effect,” after the poltician of the same name.

    • Artor

      Don’t forget that the media also makes up numbers for their polls to create the illusion of a close race. Eyes on the TV everyone! Even accounting for the aggressive ignorance of wingnuttia, I can’t imagine a majority voting for Rmoney & Lyin’ Ryan.

      • Kodie

        Understand the psychology of voters is an easy button to manipulate. If you say Obama or Romney has a landslide in their pocket, people won’t vote for their guy if there’s no point. As it is, red states + blue states come about even, right, and the few other “swing states” have all the making of the same kind of drama we had in Bush v. Gore 2000. I didn’t register in time for 2008 since I had moved to Massachusetts and I knew Obama was going to win my state, so I didn’t bother. I’m registered to vote now, and I voted in the primaries specifically to vote against Romney (an obvious favorite for no other reason than he was our governor, and rather than be embarrassed like I had hoped, he got MA). I had some idea he would probably take the nomination, but I still wanted him to not be Massachusetts’ favorite. I’m probably going to vote because we have a few ballot questions I want to answer and a hot Senate race, so I probably should go.

      • kessy_athena

        Considering that the GOP’s basic premise in this election is that Keynesian economics doesn’t work, you can forget about the electorate being rational. With that sort of a platform, if the voters were well informed and thinking logically, there wouldn’t be a single Republican left in office anywhere in the country. But I long ago gave up trying to understand or predict how public opinion works. I think that you just have to accept that most people aren’t really all that rational.

  • 100meters

    Reagan’s landslide over Carter in 1980 was also not predicted by the polls, it being theorized that people did not want to be seen as “supporting that cowboy/actor” to pollsters.

  • J. J. Ramsey

    While I’d like Obama to win, I do not wish to count his unhatched chickens. The campaign is over on Election Day, not sooner.

    • J. J. Ramsey

      FYI, it looks like Obama himself isn’t counting unhatched chickens, either. As the article “Obama campaign redoubling efforts amid fears of voter complacency” put it:

      Jim Messina, President Obama’s campaign manager, spoke by conference call to more than 100 members of his Virginia staff last Sunday night to ask whether they’re meeting their door-knocking, phone-calling and voter-registering goals — and to urge them: “Now is the time to push even harder.” …
      “Ignore the polls,” Messina said on the call to Virginia, he recalled. “There are always going to be polls showing us up. There are always going to be polls showing us down. None of that matters. What matters is your voter contacts in your state.”

      Messina’s sense of urgency might seem disingenuous in the current political environment. Republican Mitt Romney has lurched from one damaging moment to the next. Recent polls show him trailing Obama in pivotal states, including Ohio and Virginia. Privately, advisers say they believe they are winning — or at least on track to do so Nov. 6.

      But if there is an ongoing danger for the president, it is that his supporters will take his apparent advantages for granted — and fail to show up on Election Day.

  • Robster

    I’ve read that mormon gods get their very own planet called Kolob or some other silly thing on expiring. If Mittens becomes god, does that mean he’s only god of Kolob or both Earth and Kolob? So confusing. Also, if Mittens is god, does he really need to be elected? If a god can whip up an entire universe in a week (with a day of rest as it’s all such hard work) surely the god could click its magic fingers and presto, Baby jesus, genocidal deity, fairy ghost thing AND Mittens can all be endlessly worshiped and loved and eaten in church on sunday. Perhaps the Mittens could introduce pizza on gold plates for communion! Sounds like an offer to good to refuse.