Unity Through Astrology

Patheos has finally brought some measure of unity to the fractious web of religion and non-religious sects. Both JT in the atheist portal and Jason Mankey in the pagan portal are both put off by the new astrology section. Now they should add a haruspicy section and see if they can bring some other sects into agreement.

My problem with astrology is basicly the same as my problem with homeopathy, chiropractics and acupuncture: the proposed mechanism is all out of proportion with the described effects.

Homeopathy proposes that water molecules can “remember” certain properties by vibrating. If that’s right, whole realms of chemistry will have to be rewritten.

Most forms of acupuncture and chiropractics are based on the ideas of otherwise undetected energy flows throughout living bodies. The impact of “living energy” on the field of biology would be incredible.

Astrology, as I understand it, suggests that the planets and stars have some subtle but direct effect on human minds and events. Such an effect would require either a tremendously powerful force or one that ignores things like the inverse square law. Since we know of no force that acts this way, it must be something outside the four classic forces. This existence of such a force would require a rethink of the entirety of physics, all the way back to the equations that describe how the other forces developed in the very early universe.

When I discuss the potentially revolutionary implications of these things with practitioners, I find them almost aggressively disinterested. So people continue to use principles that could remake chemistry to help with seasonal allergies, and the forces that could change our understanding of the universe get used to predict rough mornings and romantic prospects. It’s baffling.