Voltaire: To Learn Who Rules Over You…

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  • Flea

    Very nice! Do you know the exact source of that quote?

  • Star fairy

    Personally i think its a sad defeatist quote.People and circumstances we often carnt control,but we choose our own attitude,and no person or circumstance can stop you from choosing to be kind or love someone, your choice can free someone else or even change their world.

    • Mogg

      How in the world is it a) a defeatist quote or b) an excuse to serve up a plate of warm fuzzy platitude?

  • UrsaMinor

    This quote is very probably a misattribution:


    Wikiquotes is, of course, not the ultimate authority, but I am unable to find an original in French. Highly suspicious. The tends to lend credence to Wikiquotes’ claim that Voltaire never said this.

    • Michael

      Wow, you are good. If you can’t find it, it must not exist.

      • Moggie

        You are talking about the clitoris?!!!

    • Mike H

      Well, If he didn’t say it. I SAID IT!!

  • Andrew

    My nemesis posted that quote, complaining that lefties won’t let people tell the truth about homosexuals. Vague quotes can do that.

    • busterggi

      You have a nemesis!?

      I can’t even get a junior arch-enemy.

      • UrsaMinor

        Do you have a faithful sidekick? You could betray them and see what develops.

      • trj

        Try hiring someone to be your enemy, then later refuse to pay, just to really motivate him.

    • Sunny Day

      My reply to those people complaining about not being able to say the truth is to say, here I am, name three times you haven’t been able to tell the “truth”. It usually breaks down to they’re silenced because others are criticizing their bigotry.

    • Kodie

      I don’t really like quotes. People like to use them too much instead of saying what they mean to say. It’s all summed up by the quote! Then there are those people who say “quote” is a verb and what I mean to call it is a “quotation.”

      Fuck ‘em all. <–I say.

      • Ben

        Fuck ‘em all. <–I say.

        Can I quote you on that? :)

  • zach

    there should be an unwritten rule that if you make quote-images you leave a little space at the bottom to cite your goddamn sources. i don’t like having to search for them myself and a lot of people seem to think these things have credibility despite being in the exact same media form as lolcats pictures.

    • UrsaMinor

      Chill, Zach. This image cites a source. It just happens to be completely wrong.

      Another fine meme brought to you by the Internet.