A Date with Sandy

Hey, folks. As you’ve heard by now, Hurricane Sandy is heading up the eastern coast of the US. Along the way it might earn enough experience to evolve into the dreaded “frankenstorm” and gain all sorts of special abilities.

I’m headed into central New York to house sit for some family overseas. I’ll be off the grid for a bit, and maybe a bit longer depending on whatever Sandy does to the powergrid.

Those of you who still have power can debate the following questions:

What role, if any, is global warming playing in the formation of a late-season hurricane like Sandy?

If New York is hit badly, who will be the first wingnut to claim that Sandy is punishment for the gay marriage bill?

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  • Kodie

    1. Hurricane season officially ends December 1. I temped at an insurance office once, and it was my first full day and the actuaries took a long lunch to celebrate it and invited me to come. It was 2005, so I don’t know if they did that every year. That’s not the answer to your question, but maybe it’s weird for hurricane season to be at the letter S by October 26th or so when it earned the strength to be named. I didn’t know until a couple days ago, but it makes sense, they skipped Q, and another thing, I couldn’t name another hurricane there was this year, and there were apparently 17 of them.

    2. Isn’t it usually Pat Robertson?

  • Mark

    We have a winner! From HP today;
    “…on his website, chaplain John McTernan seems to link Hurricane Sandy (and a number of other recent weather-related trends and natural disasters) on LGBT people and President Barack Obama’s recent backing of marriage equality.” His Mom must be so proud.

    • Jude

      In that case, it’s only fair to give them credit whenever the weather is beautiful.

      Hey – fair is fair!

  • UrsaMinor

    That’s it, blame the weather on the gays. It’s okay, we’re used to it. We get blamed for everything else that’s wrong too.

    • Mark Temporis

      Gay people can control the weather? I thought that was Barack Obama’s job!

      • Yoav

        I know it’s really hard to keep up with all the conspiracies so it’s understandable that you missed the update that Obama is now, in addition for being muslim, atheist, Kenyan, anti-colonial black power theologian, communist and nazi, is also gay and was apparently secretly gay married to his college roommate, possibly on Mars.

        • Little Magpie

          Yoav: thanks for giving me a little giggle. :)

  • Rolf Boettger
  • Yoav

    You forgot that hurricane Sandy is also part of Obama’s plan to cancel the election and turn the US into a commieislamofaciatheist tyranny where good bible believing christians are forced to have access to affordable healthcare and drinkable tap water.

    • Elemenope

      Fluoridated tap water!

      • UrsaMinor

        With low levels of arsenic!

  • vasaroti

    What irritates me about all these “is it global warming” discussions is that people tend to think global warming started a couple of decades ago. I was taught that anthropogenic climate change started in the Middle Ages, when much of the European forest was cleared for farming. It got a big shot of adrenalin during the 19th century, with fossil fuel use and still more deforestation. Those big northern storms in the early 20th century were likely also linked to global warming.

    As for the religious nonsense, Bible Belt folks tend to forget that for every major storm north of the Mason-Dixon line, below it there’s a whole “12 Days of Xmas” assortment of hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes, droughts, forest fires, and insect-borne diseases.

  • Ben

    Phil Plait over at Bad Astronomy had a thoughtful response to the global warming question.


    If you’ve never heard from him before, you should check him out. He’s a skeptic’s skeptic.