Mormon, Muslim, Capitalist, Communist, Werewolf

this has been everybody’s “church sign of the day” …

James McGrath opines, “The only way I can make sense of such statements is to conclude that many Americans are deeply confused about what a Christian is. They have listened to the voices of politicians and self-proclaimed pundits who have raised a Christian flag and hoodwinked many Christians into losing sight of what the Bible actually says and replacing it with another set of values.”

With all due respect, it’s possible that McGrath is overthinking it. This reminds me of something Allahpundit said in response to the birther craze and the claim that Obama is a Muslim:

Essentially, when polling people who dislike candidate X, the specifics of the questions are almost irrelevant. As long as they’re negatively inclined — e.g., “Is Obama a werewolf?” — you’ll get a certain core percentage willing to say yes. The news in this poll is that as much as 18 percent think being a Muslim is inherently negative.

I don’t believe that most of the “Obama is a muslim/nazi/communist/etc.” folks are really thinking about it. It’s not that they’ve got a 12 point definition of Christianity to compare Obama to, or that they could even define communism. It’s just that “he’s not one of us” and they don’t like him.