Mormon, Muslim, Capitalist, Communist, Werewolf

this has been everybody’s “church sign of the day” …

James McGrath opines, “The only way I can make sense of such statements is to conclude that many Americans are deeply confused about what a Christian is. They have listened to the voices of politicians and self-proclaimed pundits who have raised a Christian flag and hoodwinked many Christians into losing sight of what the Bible actually says and replacing it with another set of values.”

With all due respect, it’s possible that McGrath is overthinking it. This reminds me of something Allahpundit said in response to the birther craze and the claim that Obama is a Muslim:

Essentially, when polling people who dislike candidate X, the specifics of the questions are almost irrelevant. As long as they’re negatively inclined — e.g., “Is Obama a werewolf?” — you’ll get a certain core percentage willing to say yes. The news in this poll is that as much as 18 percent think being a Muslim is inherently negative.

I don’t believe that most of the “Obama is a muslim/nazi/communist/etc.” folks are really thinking about it. It’s not that they’ve got a 12 point definition of Christianity to compare Obama to, or that they could even define communism. It’s just that “he’s not one of us” and they don’t like him.

  • FO

    It is very easy actually.

    Obama is brown, therefore Obama is Muslim.

    No American could ever believe that a white candidate is Muslim.

    • Jer

      More like: Obama is brown. I am not brown so brown is bad. Muslim is bad too. Therefore Obama is Muslim.

      • FO

        Yeah, that works too.

  • Michael

    I can assure you that there is a large percentage of Americans who truly believe Obama is a Muslim, and will defend their belief.

    • JohnMWhite

      Can one really be said to truly believe something if one is too ignorant to even correctly define it? If I truly believe Obama is a Smurf and have no idea what a Smurf actually is (I just know those Smurfin’ Smurfs blew up one of our gingerbread houses), does the sincerity of my belief matter and can it even be said to be sincere if I haven’t taken the time to figure out what a Smurf is? I really think it is as simple as FO suggests. These people aren’t putting any thought into it other than they hate people not like them and Obama’s skin makes it very easy to equate him with all sorts of people not like them.

      • kessy_athena

        How sincere a belief is and how connected or not it is to reality are two completely different things. And ultimately, all these labels are just symbols anyway. For the people who believe these things, the differences between a muslim, a terrorist, a socialist, a communist, or a nazi are irrelevant. They’re all just vague labels for “really bad icky people.”

        I sometimes amuse myself by explaining to tea party types what Marx actually believed, and how he was a real admirer of the US and he really hated Russia. You can just about see the smoke coming out of their ears…

        • Matt E

          “For the people who believe these things, the differences between a muslim, a terrorist, a socialist, a communist, or a nazi are irrelevant. They’re all just vague labels for “really bad icky people.””

          I think ” they’re all just vague labels for People I’m Afraid Of” would be more accurate.

          • Ian

            That seems to be true. Obama is actually closer to Mussolini than Marx, because he seems to believe in government control, direction, rule and regulation but leave the ownership in private hands, especially your associates. Its easier to blame someone else when all the regulations lead to severe
            problems. Its name is Fascism, add anti-semitism and it is close to Nazism.

            • Sunny Day

              Name three.

            • Johan

              You could really use a history lesson. Or an education of any kind, for that matter.

            • Sunny Day

              Worst Magic Trick Ever.

  • Michael

    Also, someone should report that church here:

  • Bill

    This sign is so confusing. For years I’ve listened to conservative Christians say Mormonism isn’t a Christian sect. Some – a fair number – have called it a cult. Assuming Obama is a Muslim (which he clearly is not), why would Christians favor selecting one non-Christian religion over another.

    Also, when did American Christianity become so intertwined with capitalism? The Bible can be read to support a lot of wacky positions, but I seem to recall some passages from that Jesus guy which sounded like they came right out of Das Kapital

    • smrnda

      Plus, in Acts, Ananais and Sapphira are struck dead for not turning over all their possessions to be communally owned and managed by the church – a ‘zero private property’ stance that goes even further than anything suggested by Karl Marx.

      • The Other Weirdo

        I thought that was in the 1st 4 books, not in Acts.

        • smrnda

          It’s in Acts 5.

    • UrsaMinor

      Mormonism is viewed by others as a form of Christianity when it’s politically convenient. At any rate, it is a closer cousin to Christianity than Islam is. At least superficially, because Jesus. And how many members of the mainstream Christian public-at-large have any idea whatsoever about Mormon beliefs concerning the nature of the afterlife?

      • Kodie

        Mormons are mostly white and shop at the Uncanny Valley Shopping Mall for that upright, square American sensibility. As far as I understand it, the “magic underwear” are just standardized garments so they know how much of their body their street clothes have to cover. Muslims are mostly some shade of brown and wear burqas and hajibs and turbans and write in a weird alphabet. They probably share a lot of the same values, but one has “that American look” just like we’re in the 1950s, and the other one dresses out of step and speak a weird language to each other and thus secretive – especially since the big headlines since the romanticized Arabia are 9/11 and terrorist cells hiding in your town or my town…. plotting. Mormons just knock on the door. Holy shit, can you imagine if Muslims proselytized door-to-door like that?

        • FO


      • Bill

        I seem to recall that Jesus fella playing a pretty important role in the Koran too.

        I do get the “Mormons look like us and supported Prop 8″ aspect of this. But come on, Mormonism and Islam are both pretty far afield from American Protestantism.

        • Yoav

          Which make the fact that most American protestants don’t have a f—ing clue about what’s actually in the koran or the book of moron (or the buybull for that matter), extremely convenient.

    • Paul

      “Also, when did American Christianity become so intertwined with capitalism?”

      The 1980 Carter vs. Reagan election where Reagan got the far right christians, led by Falwell’s Moral Majority, off the church pews and into the voting booths. Groups like the far right christians respond well to an authoritarian call from the pulpit to come out and vote in mass.

    • David Cowan

      In the early 1950′s Senator Joseph McCarthy launched his campaign that Christiantiy = Capitalism in order to literally demonize Communism (partly in order to promote the Republican party and to fund a war machine against the Soviet Union). Anyway it’s obvious that anyone who espouses sharing stuff with your community must be an agent of the Devil. It was during this exact period that the Knights of Columbus prevailed upon several states and then President Eisenhower to change the Pledge of Allegiance into a monotheistic prayer.

  • Ian

    That’s not true at all. The Book of Acts is quite clear they were killed because they lied to the Holy Spirit by claiming to give all the price of a piece of property to the Church when they only gave part. They were trying to deceive the rest of the Church as well. In Christianity lying is serious, doesn’t stop people doing it, but its a no no.

    • Iosue

      Read the preceding chapter. They were living in a commune–it wasn’t just that they lied (though this certainly reminds me of Romney’s ‘offshore accounts’ LOL) but they were expected, AS EVERYONE ELSE in this Christian community did, to share EVERYTHING in common:

      “And the congregation of those who believed were of one heart and soul; [b]and not one of them claimed that anything belonging to him was his own, but all things were common property to them.[/b] And with great power the apostles were giving testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and abundant grace was upon them all. For there was not a needy person among them, for all who were owners of land or houses would sell them and bring the proceeds of the sales and lay them at the apostles’ feet, and they would be distributed to each as any had need.” [Acts 4, immediately preceding the passage regarding Annias and Sapphira]

      • Yoav

        “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

  • JK

    I thought lying was a sin? Doesn’t seem to bother the church that put that text up there.
    Strange enough for a christian church to advertise for a mormon.
    I guess the motivation behind the first line has nothing to do what religion potus has – but with his skin color. Racism in churches? Nothing new…

    • FO

      The lying problem is easily solved by redefining Truth as “anything I like”.

      That’s actually religion’s solution to anything.

  • Paul

    I have a basic rule. Whenever anyone compares someone else to Adolf Hitler, calls them Nazis or Communists, just to name a few, I take the position that I am listening to an idiot and either move along to something else or at least change the channel on the radio. Both sides do it. Democrats called w a new Hitler and w called the leader of Iraq, Iran A Queda and Lil Kim in north Korea Hitler as well and then try to set up a triumverate of evil by linking these together like the axis powers of WW2.

    • Bill

      Really? There is no valid comparison between any living human and the words Hitler, Nazis and Communists?

      • Yoav

        While there are instances in which the comparison is valid, you can for example say; as a president Eisenhower initiated the building of a national highway system, just like Hitler, I agree with Paul that when used in the context of American politics I tend to tune out whoever does it since in the overwhelming majority of cases the comparison is bogus and used as sort of general term for people the speaker don’t like.

  • Matt

    I find it fascinating that the vast majority of conservative Christians are ready to elect a polytheist who believes that when he dies, he will become a god.

    • trj

      Well, they likely feel it’s the least bad choice – the same as many Democrat voters who are disappointed by Obama but vote for him anyway because the alternative is worse.

  • Rex

    What few understand is that Gov. Romney was Born to be President.

    As I’m sure you know, he is not merely George Romney’s son, he is the Great-Great Grandson of Parley Pratt. Parley, of course, was Joseph Smith’s closest confidant until his untimely death in May of 1857 at the hand of the estranged husband of his then mistress, Eleanor McClean.

    Of course, the fact that Parley’s death was used by Brigham Young to order the bloody Sept. 11, 1857 Mountain Meadow’s Massacre of 120+ Christians from Missouri and Arkansas and the kidnapping of some 24 Christian children of the murdered, isn’t lost by the Romney family.

    I’ve been told the Romney’s have been penitent ever since donating to LDS causes whenever they can.

    Odd that the Governor is so quiet about his family history…..almost like he’s hiding it.