Newsweek Tries to Find Heaven the Hard Way

I once joked that I started dating my wife to get at her Newsweek subscription. My relationship to her has turned out to be much more enduring than our love for the magazine. Some years back we noticed that they were giving less hard news and more sensational pieces and we let our subscription drop. And that was before covers like the digitally aged Princess Diana and the cover of Obama with the tagline “The First Gay President.” It was before the “Muslim Rage” cover and Niall Ferguson’s anti-Obama article that forced them to admit that they do no fact checking.

And of course well before this:

To be fair, if they’d put out another issue with Jesus on the cover, they’d have to change the name to “JesusWeek” and be done with it.

Well, now comes news that all this pandering hasn’t paid off: Newsweek Ending Print Magazine, Going All Digital in 2013. While the magazine will continue as an online publication, this will mean lay-offs and streamlining, which will likely mean an even greater reduction in journalistic quality.

Normally I’d hate to see any news publication go under, but NewsWeek has been on life-support for a while now and I think it’s time it be allowed to pass on with what little dignity it has left.

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