Persecution Envy

Kirk Cameron is still talking about his appearance on Piers Morgan, his comments about homosexuality and the resulting backlash. Here he is before the students at Liberty University:

Cameron remarks – to a friendly audience – that “blasphemy laws are still alive and well in America,” because “they tried to drag me out into the public square and crucify me.”

“Blasphemy laws don’t go away, it’s just the god that was blasphemed changes …”

No, Kirk, there have been a few more changes. In the days of the Puritans – who Cameron is apparently lauding in his movie Monumental – punishment for blasphemy was usually lashes, pillory, symbolic execution (being made to stand on a gallows with a noose around your neck) and – a popular one – boring through the tongue with an awl. By the 19th century, punishments were simplified: Abner Kneeland got a couple years in prison (though he was released after six months).

Cameron got roundly criticized and got called a lot of nasty names on the internet. That’s apparently what qualifies as persecution and crucifixion now. I think that Cameron would look good in a pillory, but I’m not going to question progress.

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