Persecution Envy

Kirk Cameron is still talking about his appearance on Piers Morgan, his comments about homosexuality and the resulting backlash. Here he is before the students at Liberty University:

Cameron remarks – to a friendly audience – that “blasphemy laws are still alive and well in America,” because “they tried to drag me out into the public square and crucify me.”

“Blasphemy laws don’t go away, it’s just the god that was blasphemed changes …”

No, Kirk, there have been a few more changes. In the days of the Puritans – who Cameron is apparently lauding in his movie Monumental – punishment for blasphemy was usually lashes, pillory, symbolic execution (being made to stand on a gallows with a noose around your neck) and – a popular one – boring through the tongue with an awl. By the 19th century, punishments were simplified: Abner Kneeland got a couple years in prison (though he was released after six months).

Cameron got roundly criticized and got called a lot of nasty names on the internet. That’s apparently what qualifies as persecution and crucifixion now. I think that Cameron would look good in a pillory, but I’m not going to question progress.

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  • trj

    Maybe Kirk should reign in his savior complex. Comparing crucifiction to being ridiculed in the media is a tad much. I think Jesus might disapprove. I bet he’s all “Hey, fuck you Kirk, you think you had a hard time? By the way, could you turn down your homophobia a notch, because you’re kind of being an asshole.”

  • Lester Ballard

    If he had been crucified I would have been right there with my lance, poking him in the side. And laughing.

    • UrsaMinor

      So you subscribe to the philosophy that it’s okay to hurt or kill people who disagree with you?

      • Jabster

        You may have read too much into the comment Ursa …

        I’d certainly be up there tickling his feet and telling him to always look on the bright side of life.

        • UrsaMinor

          It seems like a pretty clear reference to the Roman soldier who drove a spear into Jesus’ side. That wasn’t meant to tickle.

          • Jabster

            I was going on the use of the word ‘poke’ …

  • Kodie
  • Ciaphas

    I’d still object, but I would have a lot less problem with blasphemy laws if the sentencing went like this: “You have been found guilty of blasphemy and are hereby sentenced to be called an asshole. Asshole. Next case!”

    • trj

      I don’t even understand why he talks about blasphemy laws. Kirk said he finds homosexuality to be destroying civilization, and a lot of people called him on that. Where does blasphemy fit in? People think he’s an idiot, not a blasphemer.

      • The Other Weirdo

        I think he’s using the word ‘blasphemy’ to mean going against the prevailing social winds. When you do that, you get crucified. It’s a metaphor. I think. I hope. Because a man in his position has no real understanding of what blasphemy and crucifixion really mean. He should spend some time in North Korea or China, and not as an honoured tourist, but a resident, with a foreign passport.

    • Patrick

      I don’t know, sometimes I think Divine had it right in Pink Flamingos: You have been found guilty of assholism… At sometime we have all have had about enough and wanted to at least symbolically carry out that sentence or live vicariously through Divine.


    Cameron is milking the age old truth that religion thrives on persecution. Nothing fills up the pews any quicker than telling people they can’t go to church. No where on earth will you find a greater degree of religious freedom than in the U.S. And yet, conservative Christians never stop crying about the way they are ‘persecuted’. What they, evidently, cannot grasp is, the freedom of religion is not the freedom to force your religion on others.

    • Jabster

      “No where on earth will you find a greater degree of religious freedom than in the U.S.”

      Except if you want to be a politician then best be a Christian …

    • FO

      I take exception at your statement.
      Yeah, I know US is always n1, but you may want to take a look at Europe, Australia or even S.America.

      • Peter

        Don’t forget us Canadians we have religious freedom also, more so, I dare say, than our southern neighbour

      • ORAXX

        All I was trying to say was, that one won’t find any more religious freedom than what is found in the U.S. I did not mean to imply that religious freedom doesn’t exist in other places. I appologize for any misunderstanding.

        • Jabster

          … and all some posts have being try to point out is that maybe, just maybe, there are places with more religious freedom than the US.

  • Sue Blue

    Whenever I’ve gotten into “discussions” with theists, I’ve noticed how quick they are to pull out the persecution card and conflate the criticism of their viewpoint with torture and martyrdom. The minute they feel backed into a corner by logic, evidence and facts, they start whining and yelping like they’re having bamboo slivers driven beneath their fingernails.
    What pussies these christians are. Apparently, getting scratched by a cat is the same as being thrown into the lion’s den.

  • Iosue

    “They tried to drag me out into the public square and crucify me.” Oh, he was forced at the point of a gun to do these interviews?

  • Hitchslapper

    I believe Kirk Cameron would look good hanging from the steeple of his church by his balls…..

    • Mogg

      I don’t believe anyone, not even a douche like Kirk Cameron, would look good like that, and particularly not just for saying douchey things. He can say douchey things as much as he likes. As can you. I do feel free to point out that both his words and yours are douchey, though.

      • UrsaMinor

        Aw, Mogg, it could be he’s just into a particularly acrobatic form of homoerotic bondage play with Cameron as the object of his fantasy. All good clean fun if you don’t actually stalk anybody. Perhaps you should give him the benefit of the doubt.

        • Jabster

          Surely if that was the case he would have said “… by his balls covered in honey/baby oil/whipped cream/engine grease …”?

          • Kodie

            And really, who hasn’t been hung by their balls once in a while. In some places, they call that Monday.

        • Mogg

          Okay, I’ll make an exception for homoerotic bondage play. I don’t have balls myself, so hadn’t considered the possibility.

  • mildlymagnificent

    My favourite curse for people of this ilk is that they should be forever housed with a careless kid with too much Lego. And go barefoot, all day every day.

  • Grandma Julie

    Cameron needs to consider this: Scripture tells us that Jesus roamed Galilee for three years, accompanied by a dozen MEN, and no wives, girlfriends, “convenience” ladies, are mentioned. Tell me a Baker’s Dozen guys never once got horny in those fabled three years – Uh HUH! Then, at the Last Supper, Jesus told all of them to “Love ye, one another, even as I have loved you.” That inescapably tells us Jesus and his disciples were GAY! Hey, Cameron: SUCK ON THAT, for awhile! LOL!

  • PsiCop

    Here you have a combination of persecution complexes: That of the Christian, whose persecution complex is an inherent part of the psychology of their religion at its core; and that of the celebrity whose appearance on TV isn’t as well-received as he thought it should have been. The one compounds the other.

    I suggest Kirkie get treatment for his compounded paranoia. I hear thorazine works really well.