Quote of the Moment: Godwin Strikes Back

From the Dayton Daily News:

A whites only group has adopted a stretch of the AA Highway in northern Kentucky through the state’s anti-litter program.

National Socialist Movement member Geoffrey Rash of Alexandria told The Kentucky Enquirer that the organization is not a hate group, even though it uses a swastika as a symbol. Rash says the symbol shows they are socialists, not Nazis.

“We feel that a national socialist structure, it worked in Germany, things just got a little crazy and they entered a world war,” Rash said.

The group adopted a two mile stretch of highway between Cold Spring and Wilder. Kentucky Transportation Cabinet spokesman Chuck Wolfe said the state does not have a restrictive policy on the program because the point is to encourage people to pick up litter.

Transportation Cabinet district spokeswoman Nancy Wood said people have been calling about the sign designating the National Socialists as responsible for the cleanup since Oct. 1.

“… things just got a little crazy …”

that’s … I mean … he just … what the … OOOooh yeah.

If anybody needs me, I’ll be in the corner weeping into my copy of Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.

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  • Artor

    I suppose it’s POSSIBLE that a nationalist/socialist group might not follow the Nazi party’s pet bigotries, but one that goes as far as using the swastika as well? Extremely unlikely. Still, hate-group designation is based on what a group does & says, not whom they associate with. Maybe they’re nice Nazi’s? I don’t agree with the German policy of outlawing the swastika entirely, but people who identify as Nazi’s, or use Nazi symbolism deserve heightened scrutiny. Keep an eye on those guys- I don’t trust them.

  • Keulan

    “…things just got a little crazy and they entered a world war…” I’m not sure which part of that bugs me more. The repression and mass murder of Jews and other minorities described as “things got a little crazy” or the second bit where they neglect to mention that Hitler started WWII in the first place. They’re either ignorant of history or blatantly lying, and I suspect it’s the latter.

  • Peter

    Apparently, in 2009, they did the same thing in Missouri. They adopted a half-mile stretch of US Highway 160 as part of Missouri’s Trash Cleanup program. The state legislature later renamed the highway the “Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel Memorial Highway.” Ironic, or the legislators have a hell of sense of humour. I wonder if these neo-nazi continued their cleanup efforts?

  • http://theotherweirdo.wordpress.com The Other Weirdo

    “a little crazy” Well, if you mean deliberate demonization and obliteration of entire resident cultures, then I suppose you win the Interwebz Understatement of the Century Award(a low-yield tactical nuclear device with 1000 km of Fullerine cable).

    “entered a war” Well, if you mean invading Poland for no good reason, thereby touching of WWII, then I suppose that’s another award of some sort that you win.

  • Brad

    “Rash says the symbol shows they are socialists, not Nazis.”

    Oh for Jeebus’ sake. I’ve had enough of the stupid rightists over here claiming that “Hitler was a Socialist and therefore a Leftist” and that therefore all the world’s ills can be laid at the door of the political Left. This is just going to encourage them.