Some Things Should Not be Categorized

This is funny, in a very dark sort of way. There’s a Trigger Warning in effect for people sensitive to rape and sexual violence. Please enjoy this baby pygmy hippo instead. (Hey look, we’ve finally found a house hippo! And he’s got your nose!)

Originally by Brainwrap at others contributors at DailyKos. Found at Scholars and Rogues.

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  • Len

    Unbelievable. It’s lucky these idiots aren’t in charge of anything important.

    Wait, … what?

  • vasaroti

    Women legislators have got to start introducing a lot more bills regulating impotence treatments, prostate exams, contraception, circumcision, and any and all procedures related to the nether regions. There’ve been a few laws put forward, but not enough. Maybe they could start by denying impotence treatment to unmarried men, and to men whose wives object to such treatment.

    In my fantasy kingdom, a man would only be awarded his license to breed after facing a harrowing examination by 12 wise crones (or Joy Behar.)

    • The Other Weirdo

      So, in your mind, every man is like the idiots being quoted above?

      • Kodie

        I don’t know about vasaroti, but sometimes you have to propose something drastic not because it’s what you really want, but they should at least be consistent. Of course men deserve their reproductive rights, but if the government wanted to impose on men the same way they do for women, they absolutely wouldn’t. I don’t think they’re smart enough to realize what hypocrites they are, or then take it stone-dead seriously and it backfires – of course it’s ridiculous. Insist they see things from the other way around and make rationalizations why “that’s different”.

        • Anonymous

          While we’re at it, men should have the right to decide if their child is aborted or not, and the ability women currently have to not abort it despite the other parent’s wishes, and then take custody and make them pay child support also against their wishes.

          What kind of society would do something sick like make a woman have a child they don’t want, then take it away from her and make her pay for the privilege for the next eighteen years? But it’s okay to do it to men.

          • Noelle

            Any parent, regardless of gender, who signs away on all parental rights is not financially responsible for a child.

            The problem with a man forcing a woman to have an abortion, is the same as anyone forcing someone else to have a medical produre. No one would force you to get your gall bladder out. It’s illegal and immoral. Abortion should not be considered any different than any other medical procedure when it comes to patient consent.

            • The Other Weirdo

              I agree, but that doesn’t mean the situation as it stands is equitable.

            • Mogg

              TOW – it often isn’t equitable, and I know of very sad stories in both directions.

          • Mogg

            Any time that men use their own bodies as an incubator and go through the risk and permanent physical changes brought about by pregnancy, or the non-zero risk inherent in a medical or surgical intervention to end a pregnancy, they can have the right to decide whether or not to go ahead with one. Until such time, I think the right to choose logically has to be with the person whose body is subjected to those risks – the woman.

        • The Other Weirdo

          I am sorry. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been at work all day long. Or maybe it’s the flu vaccine I just received mutating my blood and turning it into the T-Virus, but I have absolutely no idea what you just said.

          • Kodie

            I’m sorry, but maybe it’s the fact that my ex best friend avoided talking to me for 2 months after borrowing money and being a narcissistic manipulating asshole and so I forgot about it and then called me in the middle of the night to fucking chit-chat, as has been the story of my life, that nothing I say makes any sense. You feel me?

  • Iosue

    In all honesty, I don’t think the word ‘rape’ can have any adjective attached to it.

    If these idiots had it their way, they’d be living in the Republic of Gilead….

  • lawn

    These shouldn’t be *categorized either.

  • A Reader

    This is just depressing. Having a house hippo would really help that.

  • Paul

    wow, that really shows the ignorance on the religious right and the willingness of republicans to pander to the most extreme of the religious right. I always wonder how many of them really believe the crap they spew during election season. My father always said the old line about how can you tell a politician is lying – his lips are moving. Dad was a republican and I asked him if this applied only to democrats. He said no, the republicans lied just as much but he liked their lies and hoped they would do one or two by misake.

    Rape is not something that needs to be quantified. It is rape and always wrong. Forcing the victim to then carry and deliver the product of the rape is unforgivable.

  • Paul

    I’m glad there was that pygmy hippo… just the right thing to settle an unsettled stomach… It’s really scary that this is our actual world (obviously referring to human politicians and misogyny, and not newborn pygmy hippos).

  • Kodie

    These people seem to be overly occupied about the potential for cheating the system. Besides not really mattering how the embryo got there if you do believe it has a soul, if they allow a loophole, everyone will lie about being raped to get an abortion. They think women are liars already and this is just their huge concern. It is the same way with welfare reform – accuse everyone of cheating, focus on the cheaters, and tighten up loopholes so cheaters can’t get what they want and don’t re-apply=save the taxpayers, like, a quarter or something. Put on a big witch hunt. They don’t fix anything or address anything serious, there’s this whole societal myth in fear of the lone cheater getting away with it. So do some women lie about being raped? I have no doubt in my mind that someone must have, since some women believe this garbage too, and I’ve known enough sick fucks to expect that someone will be a sick fuck once in a while about something serious. But these legends shape the law. The reality doesn’t shape the law, misinformed myth-believing witch-hunters are making all these ignorant, insensitive remarks and laws.

    • Kodie

      If the only way to get an abortion legally was to report rape, would women be coerced to lie about it? Which is worse, that they would have to, or that they shouldn’t because it’s awful, or that’s exactly what these ignorant assholes need to prove that rape is a big hype and gotcha to all the women liars and all the rape victims no one believes now because catching people cheating at this is more important than helping women recover from an assault. Prove you were raped, press charges, go through the legal system to let a court decide, and it’s too late to get an abortion.