Take the R Train

Say, it’s been a while since we looked in on William Tapley. What’s that lovable old coot up to now?

Why, he’s writing campaign songs for Mitt Romney. How … nice.

“Let’s out Obama
Like Newsweek did
He is our first
gay President …”

Um, William, maybe it’s time to check the medication schedule again …

Regardless of the content, this may be his worst performance yet. I think the nurses should take the batteries out of his Casio.

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  • Igor

    Wow. Just wow. How does this guy escape from the Home so often? Obama’s gay??
    Too bad the tracks were chroma keyed behind him. The train smashing into him would have been the best!!

    • Alexis Twiford

      Ya got that right Igor!!! I was hoping for the same thing, the minute I heard the sound of the oncoming train…..wish some great songwriter/performer would come up with a reply to this in the form of a counter song!!! Cuz this guy’s an IDIOT!!! The kind we need LESS of at the voting booths in November!! It’s appalling!!!

    • Yoav

      And he had his gay wedding on Mars.

  • http://themikewrites.blogspot.com JohnMWhite

    As usual, I find myself wondering how you get reality through to people like this. Democrat train wrecks hurt lots of folks, do they? Which party is the one who wants to stop women achieving payment parity with men, stop women being able to control their fertility so they can afford to feed themselves and their existing children, stop gay people getting married and receiving marriage benefits, stop gay people serving in the military, stop old people getting the Medicare they paid for and force them to come up with extra money to cover their costs after their voucher as they get older and sicker and insurance rates go up every year, stop young people remaining on their parents’ insurance so they are crippled with even more debt if they get sick or injured in their college years, if they could even afford to go to college that the Republicans want to double the interest rates on loans for, and of course stop people with pre-existing conditions getting insurance at all so they just plain die. This is going to cause material and emotional harm to millions of people. Obama asking billionaires and millionaires to kick in a little more money they’ll never miss is somehow more painful to more people?

    Is it truly ignorance, or is it that people like William Tapley don’t really think harming people he doesn’t like counts?

  • giac

    Comic Sans??? what a loser.

  • Louie

    Hahahhaha… this thing is really really really really really dumb. I’m ashamed for him!

  • Dave

    Wow! A truly remarkable musical talent. Definitely should make an album. We just don’t have things like this in the UK to lighten up our political world. Just as well, really. Ah…better switch off sarcasm mode now – click! Goodness, I feel so much better now. Right……this vid is the biggest load of rubbish it has ever been my displeasure to view. It was difficult to get through the whole thing without wondering on what planet this particular “musician” has been residing. Imagine if aliens sent a probe to earth and came across this. I rest my case.

    • Yoav

      I guess you didn’t watch his other videos, by the normal third eagle standard this one is a paragon of rationality.

    • Brian K


      errrr….Reverend Paisley? Tappley is a harmless old joke. Paisley got people killed and facilitated a virtue civil war. English Defense League. National Front?

  • Josh

    His analysis of phallic symbols at the Denver airport is always a good source of lulz.

  • vasaroti

    When I see him, Pat Robertson, and the rest of the god squad, I have to wonder if this is what the prophets in the Old Testament were really like.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    I saw a couple of spray painted messages on campus sidewalks this morning: “Romny 2012.” I guess the Republicans have the illiterate vote sewn up.

  • lawn


  • atheos

    “That was so horrible I think it gave me cancer!” 200 hypothetical points to the person that can place that quote!

  • kalim