Taliban Kryptonite

A couple of cartoons making the rounds …

  • Len

    All strength, safety, and a speedy recovery to Malala.

    In line with the second cartoon, there should be a similar one for (American) christians, showing someone holding a science book :-)

  • kessy_athena

    Somehow, I doubt it’s a coincidence that there’s a faction of the Republican Party that wants to abolish public education.

    • kenneth

      The uniting feature of all fundamentalists is that they celebrate ignorance as a virtue.

  • mikespeir

    Ha! The idiot who shot her never could have guessed what an ally he has become in her cause.

  • L. p.

    It is true that neither american bombs nor tanks frighten the Taliban, they however manage to frighten and kill many a local civilian.

    That said, Hope the girl will get better.

  • http://patheos.com RickRay1

    Here’s a different twist to it but along the same lines. My ex-wife, became a born-again xian, and when she decided to oust me, she had just graduated teachers’ college and here is what she said to me – “It’s your fault I’m a teacher.” I am also a teacher, now retired, and this happened 17 yrs. ago. I still cannot fathom the idiocy of religious nuts.