Tebowing ™

Via Bob Cargill, it appears that Tim Tebow has trademarked the name of his signature prayer position:

Well, this is a new one — the first time we’re aware that a player in any sport has looked to slap a trademark on an on-field celebration. New York Jets quarterback/running back/marquee punt protector Tim Tebow might insist that his bow-down gesture, commonly known as “Tebowing,” is more meaningful (and profitable) than a spike or sack dance, and he’s set some legal effect behind that notion.

Tebow has trademarked Tebowing.

“I knew that this stuff that had been talked about, but I didn’t know everything had gone through,” he said on Friday. “I knew it was something that was cool for me in the past; but it’s not something I do as Tebowing. It’s something I do that’s prayer for me and it got hyped as Tebowing. I think one, more to control how it’s used as well. Make sure it’s used in the right way.”

Just to be clear, my understanding is that Tebow has trademarked the word “Tebowing,” not the one-knee kneeling pose. Even in conjunction with the setting of a football field, I suspect that would be a stretch.

According to the New York Post, the trademark was filed by California attorney Anthony Keats, on behalf of XV Enterprises Limited, which is Tebow’s marketing arm.

Yes, you may now insert jokes about how Tebow’s marketing arm is far more effective than his throwing arm.

Still patiently waiting for the clock to run out on Tebow’s 15 minutes of fame.

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