‘Tis the Season

Once again, Halloween is just around the corner, which can only mean that it’s time for Hell Houses …

From Jesus Needs New Pr

  • http://busterggi@aol.com busterggi

    If there is someone out there to save us he’s doing a truly shitty job.

  • http://themikewrites.blogspot.com JohnMWhite

    Maybe it’s just my cynical imagination working too hard to find any actual narrative, but it seems like this spiel hinges entirely on the idea of victim blaming. If you get pregnant, it’s your fault; if you wind up having to fight for your life on the wrong side of the tracks, it’s your fault; if you are so tormented and isolated and abandoned by the multitude of people (and celestial entities) who are supposed to protect you that you go postal, it’s your fault; and that last shot seems to suggest that if you are raped, it’s because you allow it to happen. What the fuck is wrong with these people? They are endlessly trying to give their god a pass for being a deadbeat dad and an absentee landlord, and it seems to rob them of any shred of empathy.

  • Custador

    What the fuck does “ekscape” mean? Sorry, but I can’t take anybody seriously who speaks English that badly in an English production, when English is apparently their first language.

    • UrsaMinor

      As hideous as it sounds, somebody’s being unintentionally learned and classical. It’s actually a lot closer to the original pronunciation of excappare, the Latin verb whence it comes.

    • Bart Mitchell

      Oh, don’t get me started, British boy. It drives me nuts how people put an ‘r’ sound at the end of America.

      Yup, checked it again, still no R at the end.

      • Custador

        I thought America was pronounced with a “FUCK YEAH!” on the end by the natives…

        • UrsaMinor

          It’s usually silent, unless you’re in the Deep South. And then it’s pronounced “MERKUH, FUCK YEAH!” Still only four syllables, because that’s all we can handle over here.

          • Noelle

            That’s because Southerners talk so slow that by the time they make it to the 4th syllable they’re exhausted and no one is listening anymore.

  • Thin-ice

    This is fucking abuse. Any parents that take their children to a church like this need to have their parenting license revoked. And then get lots of secular-based therapy to cure them of this sickness.

  • Michael

    I guess smoking a joint, being pregnant, shooting up a classroom, and being raped are similar crimes.

    • Len

      Similar in that it’s always the victims’ fault.

  • http://afrolatinoatheist.tumblr.com dantresomi

    this is actually very very scary