Don’t Go In the Basement

This video has been making the rounds and it … wow, is it bad …

That’s Matt Pitt, founder of a youth ministry called Church of the Eternal Douchebag the Basement, so named because it was started in his basement. It has grown to be a very large ministry in the state of Alabama, which honored him as an “Alabama Difference Maker.”

This video was shot in August. In May, Pitt was arrested for impersonating a police officer. His car was equipped with flashing blue lights and a siren, and he was using these to clear the road as he shot through.

Apparently he thought – or claimed to think – that he was deputized when he was made an “Alabama Difference Maker.” Along with Damon Thompson‘s career, I think this proves that if you’re too dumb for anything else, you can always make a living as a youth minister.