Evangelism Smack Down

The description of this youtube clip reads, “Brother Bernard brings his Marine Corps style to tract distribution. A “Smack Down” is a fun way to distribute a lot of tracts in a little time – and get some good exercise as a bonus.”

Anytime you combine the ideas of evangelism and the military, you’ve got a problem:

(via Stuff Fundies Like)

During my “dues paying” days, I was a security guard at a site that included a public parking ramp. These kinds of mass pamphletings were not uncommon. Of course, you were as likely to get a “work at home for big $$$” or a “lose weight now” scam pamphlets as a Christian pamphlet, which should probably have made the evangelists pause.

Problem is, the ramp was publicly owned, and there was a policy that government buildings could not allow solicitors of any sort. One of the most tedious parts of my job was going around and pulling all the pamphlets from windshields and doors. If there was a church or business name and phone number, we’d always try to impress on them that these pamphlets were against policy and were almost never seen by the drivers before we trashed them.

This worked on the Chinese restaurants that distributed menus, who were usually helpful and apologetic. It didn’t work on the scam pamphlets. And it didn’t work on the evangelists. Draw your own conclusions from that.