Jenny McCarthy Explains Herself

Yesterday we discussed Jenny McCarthy’s stage molestation of Justin Bieber, and how no one seems to care since it’s a woman doing it to a man (boy?).

McCarthy explained herself to reporters after:

I couldn’t help it, he was just so delicious, so little, and just, ahhhk, I wanted to tear his head off and eat it.

It was a little cougar scary but I took the opportunity in the window, considering I’ll never get to do it again, and kind of molested him.

Can you imagine how hilarious that would be [to be with Bieber]? It would be the cougar score of the century. ‘Jenny McCarthy dates Justin Bieber.’

I want some Bieber fever — and I want a Bieber rash. It’d be like cougar rape.

I think that might make it worse. What about you?

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  • Michael Mock

    After reading that? I want brain bleach. Gah…

    • dee

      I think what I don’t understand is how she get away with this…..Why didn’t anyone up there say anything??? She literally attached him and took aways his moment. I think that’s why he had nothing to say. I’d be in shock too if someone attacked me like that. Everyone just stood there like it’s ok!….honestly the woman is disgusting. If that was a 40 year old man molesting an 18 year old singer i.e Selena…there would have been a huge uproar. Isn’t she going to be called out on this???? Yuck!

  • alfaretta

    Does she actually think before she engages her mouth? (No need to answer that.)

    The term “cougar” has always disturbed me because it makes older women sound like they want to devour young men and suck their bones clean.

    She did a very good job of personifying that idea.

    • The Other Weirdo

      Punny use of the word ‘suck’.

  • deviladv

    Jenny McCarthy is a dumbass, but this is still stirring up outrage where none exists. Until you ask Bieber how he feels, you’ve got nothing, and even then, it won’t be on the level of moral outrage scandal that anyone might want to stir up.

    • Michael Mock

      Who’s outraged? I’m just thoroughly creeped out.

    • Kodie

      Men who are assaulted or battered or raped by women often keep it quiet because the going trend is that they’re supposed to like it. Shitty arguments like you’ve been giving don’t help. Besides which, if she groped you, you already said you’d mind. Well, Jenny McCarthy is at large and she might decide to grope you – don’t you think she ought to restrain herself? Justin Bieber looked an awful lot like he minded. Then you get into the problem – if it’s ok for her, why isn’t it ok for a man to do it? If a man said he couldn’t help himself or treats a human being like a piece of meat, why is that pervy? The “system” as it were, there may be women who don’t mind such attention from men, so you’d have them groping all the women and ask them afterwards if they mind or not – or like Jenny here, defend her impulses and never mind whether Justin may have been uncomfortable or embarrassed.

    • J-Rex

      If the only thing that is important is how he responds to it, is it completely okay for me to go around grabbing any cute guy I see? Should I assume that they’ve all said yes unless one says no?
      You do realize how stupid that sounds, right? If you grab someone and they say no, the grabbing has already happened. They’ve already been violated by you. They only have a say in whether or not they want it to continue, but it has already happened.

    • dmantis

      “Jenny McCarthy is a dumbass, but this is still stirring up outrage where none exists.”

      That’s exactly the point. There is no outrage for a 40 year old WOMAN to tell reporters that she blatently groped and fondled an 18 year old kid. She then proceeded to fantasize about having sex with him through not-so-vague innuendo. To top it off, she ends the explanation with describing it as rape. We are all supposed to laugh and forget it. Haha…silly Jenny! The lack of outrage proves there is a double standard.

      “Until you ask Bieber how he feels, you’ve got nothing, and even then, it won’t be on the level of moral outrage scandal that anyone might want to stir up.”

      So everyone needs to publish some kind of memo outlining the context of any potential assualt/molestation and their feelings on the subject for it to register with you? With all do respect, fuck you. This is the definition of blame the victim. You are basically saying that all those 18 year old girls who are molested/assualted at frat parties and don’t come forward because they are scared of becoming pariah’s in the social network of college are giving their implied consent. Unless you think its different for girls. Then, guess what devil, thats called A DOUBLE FRIGGIN STANDARD.

      And what “level” are you refering to? To some, molesting (or even just an unwanted “grope”) is pretty friggin serious, not to mention when it is done by a 40 yr old to an 18 yr old.

      Her intentions were probably completely harmless. However, the societal context in which she can do this, and then joke about it afterwards (calling it rape no less!) is where the outrage comes into play. Furthermore, the ‘harmless’ intentions of the predator and the ‘feelings’ of the victim don’t mean shit. The ONLY thing that matters is consent. She didn’t have it.

      You need to change your name to “concern troll”.

      • Custador

        “And what “level” are you refering to? To some, molesting (or even just an unwanted “grope”) is pretty friggin serious, not to mention when it is done by a 40 yr old to an 18 yr old.”

        This raises a pretty serious point: Consequences will vary. Some people can put being violently raped behind them and move on with remarkably few scars; other people can be scarred for life and permanently psychologically damaged by being unexpectedly and unwillingly groped.

        • dmantis

          Absolutely, Custador. Consequences as it pertains to the individual. The social consequences should be equal regardless.

          That’s why I tried to explain that it didn’t matter whether the individual thought it was a big deal or not. The simple fact is that consent was not given nor implied.

  • Randy

    So, sexual harassment broadcast for all to see, followed by jokes about molestation and rape. Why is this creep not being treated as such by the media? Indeed, why did she feel free to do this in the first place? Suppose Ben Affleck, also 40, had done and said these things?

    • Sunny Day

      Looks like she’s trying the “rape makes everything funny” gambit.

      • Kodie

        I kind of forget who she used to be before she became famous for being an anti-vaxer . Obviously to get the kind of audience, she was famous before from MTV back in the old days for being the only female in the world who laughed at or made fart jokes. She doesn’t have a well-developed sense of humor.

        • Greg G.

          She became famous being Playboy’s Playmate of the Year.

          • Kodie

            You know, why would I know something like that? I’m going to sound all back-pedally right now but I didn’t know that about her, and I don’t think I could name another one unless you say all their names and I’ve heard of them from something else. A lot of actors used to be models, and maybe that’s how they got noticed by someone who would later tell me their names and what their personalities are like. Showcased by MTV, she was supposedly groundbreaking as she found her niche for being the beauty who loved base humor.

  • D’Ma

    Regardless of how he may have felt about it it was a disgusting thing for her to do. You just don’t go around grabbing and groping people. Forget about the age difference or power/powerless thing. The woman just said she wanted to rape somebody. Creeped out, definitely!

  • Kodie

    no one seems to care since it’s a woman doing it to a man (boy?).

    A. I’m pretty sure he’s over 18 by now so at least it’s not pedophilia.
    B. The old “if you were me, you would have done it too” defense. Yes, if he were a piece of candy, Jenny, but he’s a person. She went with the momentum of her impulses to weigh her chances of future Bieber proximity, and bit him like a vampire.
    C. Is this really one isolated case? The attention it’s getting seems weird. If this is considered acceptable in society generally, examples of it have to be happening all over my tv. If it is isolated, which it ought to be, then people would recognize it as insanely presumptuous and offensive; if people think it’s ok because it happens all the time, then we have to stop skating through and make note of all the times it happens and who is doing it.

  • Greg G.

    I remember when Jenny was Playmate of the Year. I wonder how many times that sort of thing was done to her? Was she just trying to turn the tables for once? Kind of makes the event creepier.

    • Noelle

      It’s an interesting observation. Perhaps a lifetime of people treating her like an object to be groped whether she liked it or not gave her a view of the world that such things are acceptable and commonplace. It’s not an excuse, of course. But it could be an explanation for her behavior.

      • Helen

        That would make sense.

  • Mogg

    I’m astonished that someone would say such things by way of explaining an action that was bad enough to start with. Ew.
    Custador, thanks for making a fuss. Someone should, and this kind of attitude should become completely unacceptable no matter who is the perpetrator and who is the object. It’s so common, but that doesn’t make it any less vile.

    • Custador

      Uh… Thank you for the sentiment, but it was Dan who authored both of these posts.

      • Mogg

        Oops – not enough sleep means eyes sliding over bylines. Sorry ’bout that.

  • Gordon

    I had such a crush on her before she had a bodycount.

  • Don Gwinn

    Wow, Jenny McCarthy. My advice is to start drinking heavily (and stop talking.)

    This is really not a separate issue from the abuse/molestation/catcall/date rape culture that women face. It’s two sides of the same coin. The same attitude that teaches that “boys will be boys” and that’s why women have to be afraid of them and protect their innocence at all costs . . . . is the attitude that teaches that “boys will be boys” and so it’s OK to impose touch and sex on them because they love it so much. It’s really the attitude that “Men are like X, and Women are like Y, so we can just always do N to men and Q to women. And if a man says he likes Q, GET HIM.”

    • Helen

      Yes! This, definitely.

  • The Other Weirdo

    So, the old grown-woman-gropes-teen-boy-and-makes-fun-of-it-so-it-makes-everything-ok trick. Damn it, that’s the second time I fell for it this week.

    Seriously, though, given the way grown women behave at Twilight screenings, I’m not surprised. Creeped out, maybe, but not surprised. Disappointed, but not surprised.

  • ET

    You seem to forget she once know to be a funny personality. She is trying too hard to get back to where she thought she once was.