“More terrible than anything suffered by any minority in history.”

Pat Robertson sure knows how to get things wrong:

Hallquist on Eich
Atheists in the Evangelical Mind
Where the Fire Comes From
So Long, And Thanks For All The Memories (From Dan)
  • Dave Shellenberger

    This guy really angers me. Every time he opens that cesspool of a mouth, he manages to say something completely stupid or completely wrong. He’s succeeded to be both stupid and wrong this time around.

    • http://themikewrites.blogspot.com JohnMWhite

      Normally he angers me too, but this time I just can’t stop laughing. He’s like a balls to the wall version of Colbert. He cannot be parodied, he cannot be ridiculed, he is beyond the worst, most hyperbolic joke of a paranoid, ignorant, foaming-at-the-mouth racist misogynistic homophobic Christian bigot.

      • UrsaMinor

        Some people you don’t have to satirize. You just quote ‘em.

  • wintermute

    Yes, I can certainly see how he’d want to change places with African Americans in the run-up to the Civil War, Japanese Americans during WWII, Communists in the 50′s, or Muslims today.

    All those groups have had it so easy, compared to a group of rich old white guys being told that (*gasp!*) they can’t dictate public policy.

  • trj

    Not only is it the most terrible crime in history, it’s apparently also the most perfectly executed cover-up in history.

  • http://criticallyskeptic-dckitty.blogspot.com Katherine Lorraine, Chaton de la Mort

    Transgender women, especially those of color, are murdered every day. Often their murderers get off due to the legacy of “trans-panic” which is offered as a legitimate excuse for murder. Trans-women, again especially those of color, are not protected against loss of job, loss of home, and loss of life. They can be beaten or killed, and they are the ones in the wrong. In some jurisdictions, it is better for a trans-woman to be beaten or killed because if she defends herself, she can go to jail.

    Christians clearly have so much more to fear.

    • Michael

      It is not the case that murderers “often” successfully use the trans-panic or gay-panic defense. In fact, the number of times it has ever been successful in the U.S. can probably be counted on one hand. The fact that people try to use bigoted defenses does not mean there is a problem with the justice system.

      (There are problems with the justice system by the way, but this isn’t one of them.)

      I also disagree that the civil rights “especially” of trans-women (or trans-men by the way; I’m not sure why you are confining this to one gender) of color are not protected. Actually, the laws regarding racial discrimination are extremely clear, while those regarding discrimination based on sexual orientation and identity are either vague or absent in many jurisdictions. Obviously they still can’t be “beaten” or “killed” though, but it is true that they can in much of the country be fired or evicted due to their sexuality.

  • c j gunnyon

    Yes that’s why Christian white nationalists go around destroying families because people don’t believe what they want them to believe. If I don’t believe what my pastor believes he will find some god given excuse to split up my family. This is a true abuse, believing in the biggest lie ever told is the same thing Herman Goerring did for Nazi Germany.

  • Sue Blue

    Yeah, Pat – it’s really terrible, all those pooor Christians starving and dying by the millions in concentration camps run by liberals and gays. It’s totally awful how Christians are being stripped of their homes and belongings and even their lives…and they aren’t even allowed to pray, except if they do it silently! Christian children are being reduced to mindless atheist drones by the teaching of evolution in schools, preparing them for service in Obama’s SS!!! Oh my stars and garters!!

    Wait…no. Not happening. And for this God-crazed lump of senile shit to denigrate the progress of human rights and true equality for all people and compare his frustrated bigotry to the terrible suffering of Jews throughout history, Native Americans at the hands of European invaders, African-Americans in the South, and Japanese-Americans in WWII is truly obscene. Don’t ever let him live this one down!

  • mikespeir

    He does look abused, doesn’t he?

    • JK

      Yep – he got his brain all fucked and fucked up by his “god”.

  • lawn

    Is that crazy wrinkly old coot ever going to run out of horseshit?

    • trj

      Doubtful, though this particular quote is actually from an interview done in 1993. Behold Pat’s prophetic powers.


    Anyone, this delusional, in any field other than religion, would be under court ordered doctor’s care. This monumentally stupid man worries me less than the people who actually pay attention to him and support him financially.

  • Dave

    Complete and utter nutter. Stark, staring bonkers in my oinion.

  • http://gulliblestravelsdma.wordpress.com D’Ma

    Heh…And here I get in my FB newsfeed every.single.day memes about how nothing is impossible with God, or “no matter who is president, Jesus is still King.” How if “God is for you, who can be against you?”. Hmmm….guess Pat Robertson isn’t a TrueBeliever afterall, since he’s being starved, beaten and gassed on a daily basis. Oh, that isn’t happening? Well, then it must be much, much worse than I thought. His invisible God is screwing him over. Again.

  • FO

    He’s not crazy.
    He’s creative.
    People suck him up, and he’s good at it.
    Unlike him, I need a real job to pay my rent.

  • http://thefreelance.tumblr.com/ Jeff A. Taylor

    That quote is from 1993, correct?

    If so, why not ID it as such. Or, more importantly, link to an original source for the quote with a date ID.

    Most importantly, why post it Nov. 8, 2012 without ANY frame of reference? We know he’s a loon. Why post it now AS IF it is a reaction to election day?

    • Sunny Day

      An even better question:
      Why would you assume this has anything to do with the Election?

      • Michael

        Because it was posted immediately after the election, in which many politicians and preachers did claim Obama was persecuting Christians in various ways.

        It seems a perfectly logical assumption, and I assumed the same thing.

        • Kodie

          Not only did I also assume it, I assume Daniel assumed it and didn’t just post it randomly, although both is concerning. It’s cheap. How much does Patheos pay him for his cheap posts? Does he give most of it to Vorjack? He is so “react then share” now, I would like to see evidence of discerning what he is reading, critically thinking of its truth and value. I feel like he has gone to reddit and hangs out with them now, uses his blog like a tumblr, basically shaped himself to a popular trend instead of shaping himself. I’m disappointed and a lot of good people have just gone. I feel like I am clinging to the bitter death. There was a time when I enjoyed a sprinkling of lighter posts amongst the heavier discussions, but Daniel just phoning in to his own blog is getting repulsive. Failure to be concerned with the timeliness and/or accuracy of whatever shit he finds is so tumblr/pinterest. No discussion to be had, just repost. Just get a tumblr, Daniel. I know, they don’t pay. Patheos seems to be beefing up its channels and this compares not at all.

    • Kodie

      Daniel just posts stuff.

      • http://themikewrites.blogspot.com JohnMWhite

        He does, and I think it’s fair to have a bit of an issue with the lack of context. I get that he’s busy but come on. Posting random quotes from the 1990s with zero context is pointless, and one could easily be mistaken in thinking it’s somehow related to the election that was two days ago.

        • Nox

          It does sound like the kind of thing Pat would say in response to the election. Then again it sounds like the kind of thing Pat says twenty times a week in response to any form of not getting his way.

          His statements are always a bit more over the top than most, as he completely lacks the capacity for shame (and he is rewarded for making more dramatic statements regardless of how laughable they are). But the sentiment is a pretty common one (we see it here often enough).

          I think the term Vorjack used to describe Kirk Cameron is the best description of this wider phenomenon. It is not just privileged religious institutions throwing a temper tantrum over no longer enjoying the level of power they once had (it is also that). It is persecution envy.

          Feeling persecuted is essential to christianity. This religion tells its adherents that they are being persecuted, that they will be persecuted, that being persecuted is how they know they are good christians, and that they will get a better reward in heaven for being persecuted.

          Its internal narrative begins and ends with martyrs. From the martyrs of Acts and early tradition who die rather than renounce christ, to the martyrs of their end times mythology who die rather than accept the mark of the beast (a concept which is also central to how christians are programmed to see persecution around every corner), christians are told that being martyred for their faith is the most honorable thing they can ever hope to do.

          Imagine any religion which taught such things. Then try to imagine any scenario where they wouldn’t develop a persecution complex.

        • Dave Shellenberger

          You’re complaining about when this was quoted over actually WHAT he actually said? Seriously, Professor get a clue. Even 20 years later, this man is still an idiot.

          • Kodie

            Mostly about how lazy Daniel tends to be. Is it supposed to be in reaction to the election or just sums up Robertson’s attitude in popular meme form? We don’t need to discuss Pat Robertson’s stupid quotes on a meme. What can be said?

            Hey, on the other hand, it’s been almost as long since Carl Sagan said anything at all, and those are always relevant. Today would be his birthday, so that’s what makes me think of it.

          • http://themikewrites.blogspot.com JohnMWhite

            Professor? Grow up. I already addressed what Robertson said further up, not that I require your approval to discuss whatever I damn well please. I just think it’s fair for somebody to point out that arbitrarily throwing quotations about the site isn’t particularly productive and this one in particular caused some confusion as some people took it to have been very recent when it wasn’t. That’s DF’s fault entirely. He couldn’t even be bothered to write “1993″ underneath it. 20 years later this man is still an idiot, but apparently he’s not the only reactionary idiot who flies off at the handle rather than take five seconds to think about a situation or read what people actually said…

            • http://themikewrites.blogspot.com JohnMWhite

              *”This man” in that last sentence referring to Robertson again, obviously, not Daniel Florien, who’s just lazy.

    • http://gulliblestravelsdma.wordpress.com D’Ma

      Has he said anything to make anyone think he’s changed his views on this? Since 1993?

      • Yoav

        He has 15 years of additional experience in being a nutjob. It look like Pat was a bit stunned when Obama won which is strange because god apparently told him who’s going to win months ago. I’m sure that in a few days, once he ha a nice lie down, he will provide us with a new quote at least as crazy as the one above.

        • Hitchslapper

          Perhaps Pat would be happier in the Glorious presence of Geebus???? Go ahead Pat, Die already you piece of DRECK! Geebus is waiting for you and your huge bank account.

  • Highlander

    How many times do we have to say it: Just because going from a priviledged and favored position to a position that is just like everyone elses feels like persecution, doesn’t mean it really is.

  • Hitchslapper

    Say, Pat come on over….. I’d happily put you in an Oven and smile while you roast your balls…………

    • UrsaMinor

      Seek professional help. Seriously.

      • Hitchslapper

        Did you not read Robertson’s statement???? My response is the perfect one for him….. And no, I’m not into torture….. but it is fun to fantasize about what I’d like to see happen to men such as Pat Robertson… He doesn’t deserve less……….

        • Sunny Day

          If you think that’s a perfect response I can only repeat Ursa’s advice.
          Seek professional help.

      • Jabster

        He’s just a troll Ursa … ignore him and he’ll go away.

        • UrsaMinor

          I suppose if we don’t give him any attention, eventually he’ll go back to amusing himself by burying stray cats up to their necks and running the lawnmower over them.

  • Retiredbiker

    Pat Robertson is the poster child for, and the definition of, BIGOTED, AND BAT SHIT CRAZY! Of course, we all remember his pronouncement that hurricanes are his god’s punishment for homosexuals and abortion; but now the GOP leadership is blaming hurricane Sandy for destroying Mint Rawmoney’s momentum in the election, and swinging it to Obama. We had better ask Pat if his god changed his mind, and was now telling the GOP voters that he doesn’t like their opposition to abortion and gay marriage.

  • Paul

    You know, paying serious attention to Pat Robertson, whether he said it in 93 or today is like listening to my aunt who has alzheimers tell about the visit she had with her husband, her parents my uncle and my other aunt – all of whom are long deceased. Were he not a minister embued by the holy spirit his kids would have put him in a nursing home long ago. Since the death of Falwell, Robertson is the top of the fundamentalist christian nut pile. I shake my head at folks who listen to him seriously, especially if they send him money.

  • Rioroach

    Still stumping for “The Big Guy”, even after he lied to him when he told him Obama wasn’t going to win. Now that’s devotion!

  • vasaroti

    When do we get to take their property? There’s a car parts lot on Rt. 1 that I’ve got my eye on. The fence is festooned with huge bad paintings of scenes from Jesus’ life on sheets of plywood.

  • Hitchslapper

    Hey Pat, seriously, Jam one of your ‘Gold’ Crosses up your ass, and then rotate till it sticks out the top of your head, You ghodless, phoney, piece of crap…..

    • Kodie

      Are you a bot?

    • UrsaMinor

      Do you ever post anything that doesn’t wish for or threaten physical violence against another human being?

    • Kodie

      Are you one of those idiots who think whoever the blog post is about actually wrote the post?

      • Noelle

        I’m a little concerned about Hitchslapper.

    • trj

      Isn’t it time to ban this twerp? I’m mighty tired of coming across his incessant torture fantasies.

      • Hitchslapper

        Are my torture fantasies any worse than your fantasies about your NONE-EXISTANT Ghod????? Hardly…….. Pat Robertson has RIPPED off his believers to the tune of close to $200,000, 000 million dollars or more, over the years…….. If anyone deserve to be tortured it is him…. I’m 68, and much too old to do it, but that doesn’t mean some young people shouldn’t assume the mantle….. ;-)

        • Nox

          Pat Robertson deserves obscurity.

        • Kodie

          You’re 68 and this is your contribution? Pat Robertson isn’t going to read your 3 reactionary posts. At least try to be funny sometimes.

          • UrsaMinor

            His last post was pretty humorous, Kodie. Didn’t you read the part where he ranted about trj having fantasies about his god?

            • Noelle

              that’s more what you’d call unintentional humor

              still funny, but not in the same way

            • UrsaMinor

              Aw, Noelle, it spoils the joke when you explain it. But it’s a worthwhile public service, because I don’t think HS will grasp his error on his own.

        • Norm

          There is a atheist site called “The Unfriendly Atheist”,maybe HS should check it out,he would feel much more welcome.

      • Custador

        No. Much as I agree that Hitchslapper needs to tone it down, I don’t think it would be right to ban somebody for having an angry rant that includes violent sentiment that is very obviously hyperbole and fantasy. I regard his rants as (somewhat over the top) works of artistic fiction. If I thought for a second that Hitchslapper was making an actual threat of violence, I’d banhammer him in an instant and report his IP to the authorities, same as I’d do for anybody else.

        Of course, I’m not the only moderator here, and I make no representations for what the other guys will do.

        On a slight derail: I know I don’t comment or write much at the moment. but I still come here several times a day and read through all of the new comments, tidy up the spam folder, and empty the moderation queue. Hopefully my output in terms of contributing will go up soon, since I have just (in the last few days) moved into my new house, and I’m due to start working on a new (hopefully quieter) ward in a couple of weeks. I’ll have more time to spend here. I’ll leave you to decide if that’s a good or bad thing ;-)

        • Kodie

          The difference between reacting once or twice in a while with hyperbolic reactionary comment is that Hitchslapper ONLY has that one-note reaction, and 3 times in this thread along before responding to other people. In fact, I think this is the first time I’ve seen him relate to other posters in a thread, but I can’t be sure. He doesn’t know anything else, and I don’t even think he’s an atheist, but his functional category of post is as disturbing as a Christian threatening harm to someone who agitates them. “Artistic fiction”??????

          I get that you like an emotional outburst once in a while, but this guy is a piece of shit troll, and not even very funny. Pat Robertson, by comparison, offers a lot more to laugh at. Wishing him tortured just sounds like a fixated mind with nothing else going on upstairs.

          When you say you’re going to spend more time here, does that mean you’re going to compose posts? It would help the blog a lot if there were more to read and discuss. Daniel doesn’t seem to care, this post got a lot of hits even though it sucked. OVER 1000! shared it on facebook. What the what!

          Where are these thousand people?

          Unreasonable Faith is turned into a big joke.

          • Custador

            I’m intending to contribute more posts, yes.

            • Nox

              I’m also getting a little frustrated with the reposted reddit memes.

              Some are amusing. But they don’t really raise the level of discussion (and the ratio of these posts to more substantial ones is kind of lowering the level of discussion).

              I appreciate Daniel starting and maintaining this site. It’s been a catalyst for many good things. And I appreciate some of his articles. Part of what caught my attention to this site in the first place was Daniel’s early posts (particularly his account of his deconversion). At this point, it seems he doesn’t have the time or interest to continue writing original content. Maybe he feels he’s made his main points. Maybe the discussion of religion is less urgent to him now that his own deconversion is further in the past. I don’t begrudge him any of that. If he’s been able to leave that behind, I’m kind of happy for him.

              However, the rest of us are still here. And some of us feel there is still work to be done. We still have all the pieces of a community that I still believe is worth participating in. At its best, Unreasonable Faith can be the athenian academy of the internet. A place where people who want to discuss ideas can come to discuss ideas.

              Vorjack still puts up some insightful, thought provoking posts. There are still several excellent people here. There are still several excellent discussions we could be having. But we’re not having those discussions. We’re talking about some random bullsh*t Pat Robertson said in 1993.

              To many christians on Patheos, Unreasonable Faith is the public face of atheism. When they come here and see the stuff that covers the front page, I worry about what face we are showing. Being on an interfaith blog network puts us right in the middle of where the interfaith dialogue will take place. We have an opportunity here to shape the larger debate.

              And it’s hard to get excited about endlessly defending the meme of the week to the drive-by evangelist of the week. The same apologetics are repeated for the thousandth time, and we try to come up with some new way to make the same point for the thousandth time. There’s no moving forward. We’re still stuck on pointless repetitions of the most common arguments. And there are so many important topics we have not even f*cking touched. Allowing my arguments to be shaped by what random posters want to talk about is limiting my ability to address broader points. I’m trying to lay out a comprehensive case here, and all the current scenario allows is running in f*cking circles.

              On that note, I’ve got some articles I’d like to submit for the front page. If there is any interest in them.

              The response to my ramblings here has been mostly positive. And I’m only working two days a week right now. If wanted I could probably post something here a couple times a week. What I have in mind wouldn’t be exactly within the rules for submissions (unless each were broken into multiple parts, which for narrative purposes I’d prefer not to do). Like most things written by nox, they would be over 700 words, full of needless words and thoughts, with unconventional use of grammar, and willful disregard of Strunk & White’s rules.

              I realize that to segue from suggesting we improve the site to suggesting this as an improvement is arrogant self promotion. This is unsolicited. No one has asked me to do it, or expressed any interest at all. And I don’t like asking to be promoted on someone else’s site. I’m not suggesting this because I give the slightest f*ck about self promotion. I’m suggesting this because I honestly do think I can help. I have some ideas about where we could take the Patheos atheist channel, and if you’ll indulge my little experiment, I think the results will be interesting.

            • Theory_of_I


              BY ALL MEANS, please continue with your initiative!

              Your contributions are often the highlight of any given thread. Well conceived, measured, considerate (usually), insightful, informative, intelligent, &+, &+

              OK, enough with the superlatives already…

              Nox submissions?…WOT or not, you got my vote.

            • Noelle

              I’d tune in for Nox writings.

            • vorjack

              I realize that to segue from suggesting we improve the site to suggesting this as an improvement is arrogant self promotion.

              Not really. There’s an old saying that it is not proper to complain about things that you are unable or unwilling to help fix. And we’ve always been open to guest posts and other submissions. You have a healthy following here, so if you want to submit something we’ll be happy to post it.

              Send anything you want to submit to vorjack “dot” unreasonablefaith “at” gmail.com. That way it won’t get bogged down with all the spam in our public email. That goes for all the regulars. Yes, even John C.

            • Nox

              Thank you.

            • blotonthelandscape

              Wow, looks like I wasn’t the only one feeling dissatisfied with the output here… I basically tune in every day to see if vorjack or Custy have posted anything; if I see “Daniel Florien” in the author line I’ll tune out, unless it’s got more than 20 comments, then I skip to those. Even then, those comments are generally trollish or self-congratulatory in tone, with very little substance or interest (HS isn’t the only one guilty of this). Whilst I don’t mean to give HS justification for his immaturity, these meme-like posts do nothing to foster communication and dialogue on atheism to the religious masses. Save it for other forms of social media. The only meaningful post Dan has made in the last couple of years were in relation to the Batman murders in his town. Everything else to my mind could’ve been found on 9gag.

              I started following UF when, almost four years ago, I had a crisis of faith and typed “Unreasonable Faith” into google. I’ve been an atheist and UF commenter ever since (this monicker was created to post here where people who know my other ‘nyms won’t find me), and many of those early posts have been pivotal in shaping the way I communicate my atheism to others. This site has been truly meaningful in my growth as a human being. I don’t want it to become another internet rage-pit. Seriously, between reddit, Pharyngula, RDF, Youtube comments and Fundies-Say-The-Darndest-Things, that’s covered.

              ‘Twould be great if you contributed some stuff Nox. Always enjoy your comments and am currently getting stuck into your blog.

            • Nox

              Theory_Of_I and Noelle,

              Thank you. I appreciate the support and the kind words.


              Thank you. I appreciate your support and kind words as well.

              Unfortunately, my half built website is stuck in limbo until I can resolve some filming issues with the accompanying video series (long story, but apparently trying to make a professional looking film with no budget and a cast and crew of one is harder than it sounds). That’s kind of how I now find myself sitting on a hundred half written blog posts amidst complaints of a content shortage. What I would be submitting here is mostly stuff that was originally intended for FD (and will probably be reposted there once enough of the parts are complete).


              Thank you. I appreciate the opportunity. I’ll try to keep it within reason and to come up with some things the UF community can enjoy. And I agree entirely with that saying.

              Anyone who cares,

              By the way, even though I was just complaining about the random quote from 1993, the piece I’m working on now and plan to submit first concerns a slightly older quote that I’m bringing up seemingly randomly. But hopefully with a little better explanation of why it matters what this man said (because many people are still using this argument 700 years later) and why it is wrong (because even though it is true that some things cause others, it would be foolish to conclude from this that anything which is caused has only a single direct cause, or that cause necessarily equals intention).

        • Noelle

          I don’t believe his “I’m 68 years old” line. We have many grouchy old men on here (they know who they are), and not one of them has this punk kid spouting shocking and offensive stuff on the internets to get a rise vibe that this kid does. If he is indeed in his 60s, then he may have dementia and has regressed to a more childlike style in his reponses. His intentional mispells (ghod, geebus, etc.), ALL-CAPS-ing unintentional misspells, and too many !!!’s/????’s seem to be more typical of the younger generation. He doesn’t appear to be very bright, and responds to most of us as though he assumes we are theists. Anyone who has even lurked here a few days could tell you trj is an atheist, and our young HS here has been around long enough that he should’ve picked that up if he had any ounce of introspection.

          So likely a young teenage troll. If he shuts up and listens and learns prior to responding, may have potential to redeem himself. So far the last few weeks has only shown him to be a dim idiot with violent tendencies. Don’t know that we have enough information to know if he’s actually a threat or just needs to grow up. As we have all been young once, I can maybe sympathize with the just grow up part.

          On another note, I agree with Kodie and would love to see you post more Custy. You have my sympathies and understanding at the time constraints and generalized stress of your new occupation.

          • Norm

            Im with you Noelle,Ide say 18-22.

  • http://mymusingcorner.wordpress.com Lana Hope

    the man is nutty.

  • Norm

    Can I say there does seem to be a bit of dissatisfaction with this site at the moment,not to mention aggression towards Danial for what ever reason.What I personally would like to see,instead of an individuals comment posted and people just rage about it but achieves nothing but angst ,how about something on why your an atheist rather than why your not a Christian.Personally I would find it more conducive to discussion than dickish posts and would raise the tone and creditability of UF.A lot of those who contribute to the threads are often quite open so I think it would be a positive step in the right direction.

  • Norm

    Can I say there does seem to be a bit of dissatisfaction with this site at the moment,not to mention aggression towards Danial for what ever reason.What I personally would like to see,instead of an individuals comment posted and people just rage about it but achieves nothing but angst ,how about something on why your an atheist rather than why your not a Christian.Personally I would find it more conducive to discussion than dickish posts and would raise the tone and creditability of UF.A lot of those who contribute to the threads are often quite open so I think it would be a positive step in the right direction which also may discourage derogatory comments like HS above.

    • Norm

      Sorry posted twice.