Russell Brand Interviews 2 Westboro Baptist Church Members

It’s really sad people think like this.

  • Custador

    The doublethink is pretty impressive, though. They love sinners by telling them they’re sinners in the most offensive way possible, because that’s what their unique definition of the word “love” means – And yet Billy Graham is in hell because he said to “love the sinner, hate the sin”. If nothing else tipped you off, that alone should tell you that they know what they’re doing is really hate.

    Honestly, though? At least they have the convictions of their beliefs. I actually find their direct approach somewhat less annoying than Russell Brand’s wishy-washy new-age pantheistic twaddle.

    • JohnMWhite

      Except they don’t have the conviction of their beliefs. Their clothes are abominations and they clearly shave and cut their hair. I seriously doubt they keep kosher. They’re frauds, making a living through controversy and pushing people’s buttons, and are not remotely concerned with what the bible actually says. They might truly be homophobes (most likely they are) but they’re not coming at it from a place of conviction as far as I can see, because they do what every other Christian ever does – jettison the bits of the bible that don’t suit them.

  • vasaroti

    Did Brand festoon himself with crosses just for this occasion, or does he always do that?

    @Custador- They’ve got more than just conviction. The guy with hair seemed to be having some sort of physical reaction when Brand announced that gays would be joining them. Their “direct approach” might be less annoying intellectually, but in the material world where these clowns cause actual suffering, I’ll go with the wishy-washy pantheist/agnostic. They tend not to yell in one’s face. Give it the neighbor test. Who would you rather live next door to, the zealot with a constant fog of hate around them and tells your daughter she’s immodestly dressed, or the ditzy hippy who talks to flowers?

    • Custador

      The hate guy. Hippy types always noise pollute and don’t take polite requests, pleading, threats of legal action and/or violence, or actual pummeling seriously enough to shut up when you tell them. Whereas hate speech guys like that are bullies, and all bullies are cowards. He’d be keeping himself to himself around me and mine very quickly.

      • JohnMWhite

        That’s easy to say when you have the confidence that you could physically best the guy. Not everyone has that luxury, and people like him still can cause serious harm to them.

        • Michael

          I think it’s clear that Custador is not saying WBC aren’t assholes, just that their stupidity doesn’t annoy him as much and he’s pretty sure he could take them.

          Don’t read too much into his comment.

          • JohnMWhite

            I read into the comment exactly what you did, I just think it’s an attitude I find less than constructive and suitable only for those in a particular position.

            • Custador

              Well, I can only speak from my own PoV after all.

            • JohnMWhite

              That’s true. I was just under the impression this was more a discussion about who causes more harm in general, since the actual suffering caused by the likes of the WBC is what vasaroti brought up.

      • Bart Mitchell

        Custy, as you said, this is your POV.
        Here in conservative USA, its the religious who ‘always noise pollute and don’t take polite requests, pleading, threats of legal action and/or violence, or actual pummeling seriously enough to shut up’.

        It’s just a difference of power. In UK, the religious have fallen out of power, and the fruitloops have taken over. The rational are forever in the center wondering how the frell everyone got so stupid.

      • vasaroti

        Wow, you must have encountered a whole different breed of hippie/new ager than I have. The worst I’ve encountered is being chided for eating meat.

  • Rich Wilson

    I made it as far as baldy saying you don’t do anything unless God does it in you. So… when people ‘sin’, it’s God making them sin?

  • Kodie

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    • Jabster

      You forgot to mention money Kodie …

      • Kodie

        I’m trying not to be too snotty. He’s getting something from Patheos just from clicks without having to do any of the hard work of maintenance, thinking of and composing decent topics, or being accessible or present to his moderators and people who are making this blog worth visiting.

        • Jabster

          I do being snotty very well. Last time I rember Dan posting was saying how he was going to contribute some more. Yep, that turned out well.

          How’s the bank balance Dan?

          • Daniel Florien

            You know Jabster, I wrote a snotty reply back, but instead I’m going to try to be honest: you know nothing about my current situation (and I have no interest in sharing it with you) and the comments you’ve made here and in the past have hurt me. I don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish, but if it’s to make me want to spend more time on here, it’s had the opposite effect. You’ve been an asshole and if you’re going to continue to be then I’d appreciate it if you went away. Thanks.

            • Kodie

              Jabster is a treasure!

            • Jabster

              Ban me then Dan …

            • Daniel Florien

              I’m not going to ban you; it was just a request from one human being to another. But it seems there will be no progress on that front, so I’ll go back to not caring.

            • Jabster

              You’re my treasure also Kodie … :-)

    • Daniel Florien

      We’re looking into the spam issue.

      • Kodie


  • JK

    “We didn’t come up with it” – yep – some guys, don’t know how many centuries ago, came up with those ideas in the bible. And you just believe what some guys in a galaxy far far way wrote that long ago?

    Strange that there are still ppl believing there are holey books and everything in them – or at least what the respective person makes of it – is the ultimate truth.

  • Stedman Fan

    How much money do bloggers at Patheos make?

    I am getting the idea that it is not as much as they like to pretend.

  • Godlesspanther

    I wonder if there is a way to really develop communication with the WBC folks. This is just a circus act for entertainment and nothing has been learned as a result.

    The WBC guys have very robotic programmed responses. They have a script that is well-memorized. I believe that there is a way to break through that. They are putting on a show for the public and behaving that way that the public expects them to because of the reputation that they have created for themselves.

    If one could get them to smoke a doobie and relax — we just might find out who these people really are rather than the contrived persona that they show to the world.

    • Sunny Day

      Sometimes when you peel back a layer of the onionskin you find more onionskin.