The Facebook Curse

Prosperity gospel preacher Creflo Dollar is pushing probably the most transparently authoritarian line imaginable. He wants us to honor the appointed authorities and not condemn them for their wrongdoinds:

It’s time to cover our leaders. Because some of these men have made bad decisions maybe, I don’t know, some have gotten themselves into places they should[n't] be, I don’t know.

What I do know is that I’m not going to join up with the accuser of the brethren. I’m going to cover them – listen – I’m going to cover them because they’re appointed authority.

He then goes into the story of David and Saul and how David showed Saul appropriate honor because of his God given authority. From there:

See, the democratic mindset convinces you that when you see appointed authorities in the kingdom it is your job to expose. And all you do is bring a curse on yourself. Because you’ve not been properly trained on how to honor appointed authority.

So what, one wonders, should a member of the flock do when a preacher is embezzling from the church coffers or having sex with underage parishioners? All Dollar will say is that we’re not to join with the “twitter-facebook crowd” and accuse them of wrongdoing.

If this doesn’t send chills down your spine, you’re not paying attention. It’s the most theocratic reasoning there is. The only reason folks like Dollar aren’t pushing for a divine monarchy is because that would place someone above them in the hierarchy.

Via Scott Bailey, who lays out the stages of the scam that Dollar is a part of.

  • Custador

    I wonder what he’s been up to. Sounds like one of his flock has caught him doing something he shouldn’t, and he’s cslling in the mob, Catholic style.

  • Raymond

    Wow, Dollar is a real shithead Xian apologist here, and depending on your view he’s the greatest apologists for giving those in charge, his apologist friends, license to do whatever they want with his god’s blessing. Let Nixon be, poor guy, he just made a minor mistake, GWBush would even agree with Dollar as he pardoned Libby for his crimes, and it reminds me of Glenn Greenwald’s book, “With Liberty and Justice for Some,’ that since Ford pardoned Nixon, folks who are rich and entitled, in power as CEOs or politicians, well, GEE, we can’t punish them, National Security is at risk here(GODDAMN, IN EVERY INSTANCE OF RICH CRIMINALS GAMING THE SYSTEM AND GETTING AWAY WITH IMPUNITY FOR THEIR CRIMES, sorry caps, ain’t gonna write it over though, as a poor guy robs a 7-11 and goes to jail, bankers rip-off millions and get no punishment and may even get bonuses for their criminal talents).