The long national nightmare is over

18 months of presidential campaign have finally come to an end. Remember Herman Cain? Remember Rick Santorum? Remember all of the others that briefly looked like they would be the Republican candidate? All gone, all defeated, all destined to become right wing pundits and members of think tanks.

It’s a cliche to say that this has been the ugliest campaign in memory, and I’m not even sure it’s true. I’ve actually seen some much uglier local campaigns. What I can say is that this has been the longest, most agonizing campaign in my lifetime.  But by the mercy of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, it has finally come to an end.

Let us now go forth into the world and drink freely of the tears of the right wing demagogues who have invested their credibility and their fortunes in the Romney campaign.

(Forgive the brevity, this was written on a mini-tablet.)

  • http://raisinghellions.wordpress.com/ blotzphoto

    You have a mini Tablet? which one?

    • vorjack

      Nexus 7. At least I think it’s considered a mini-tablet. 7″ screen.

      I have to say, the WordPress app is useful.

  • Elemenope

    I have to say, Romney gave a pretty classy concession speech.

    • Kodie

      My favorite part of it was it was short.

    • Mike Hitchcock

      It was that. I hope he meant what he said about bipartisanship; but I’m not holding my breath.

      • kessy_athena

        Even if he meant it (and I suspect he may well have) I don’t know that he’ll be in a position to do anything about it.

      • Yoav

        As part of his continuing campaign for the position of king crazy, Donald trump have already declared the elections a sham and a travesty and called on house republicans to keep blocking anything.

  • mikespeir

    I was predicting our own dear *cough* Governor Perry would take it away. What an implosion he turned out to be!

  • Fentwin

    For me at least, one of the better aspects associated with the ending of this campagn cycle is maybe I’ll get a couple of months that don’t include an average of 15 robo-calls a day. The worst part of that was the fact that after I hung up on these pesky politikers they would not disconnect.

    • drax

      I had a record three robo calls on one ring of the phone through the magic of call waiting. None of them were for the Presidential race though.

  • kessy_athena

    I doubt it’s over. $10 says Congressional Republicans are already working on plans to impeach Obama.

    • Jer

      They’ve been working on that since 4 years to the day ago.

  • Igor

    Romney’s concession speech was written backstage in about 10 minutes. It was boilerplate format, meant nothing, and was designed to get him out of there as soon as possible. The good news is that we’ll never see him again – he’ll go off and count his money, since he has nothing to offer to the national discourse and never has. If only McCain would do the same thing.

    Poor Mitt now has to listen to Ann complain that she’s not First Lady…a job she wanted more than the Olympic horse trophy.

    Goodbye, Mitt.

  • Paul

    With each election it seems like the vitriole is heavier. It seems like our country could come up with a better way to handle it. It resembles nothing more uplifting than chimps at the zoo flinging poo at each other.

    • UrsaMinor

      It is apropos. Human social institutions don’t stray all that far from the dominance-hierarchy organization of a baboon troop, actually.

  • vasaroti

    It’s certainly been the most expensive. This may be the closest thing to trickle-down economics we’re likely to see. Although much GOP money was recycled back to billionaires via Clear Channel and other right-wing media and businesses, there were still a substantial number of middle-class employees who got a nibble of that huge advertising pie.

  • Robster

    Overjoyed there won’t be a POTUS named Mittens!