UF is Filth!

Alright, this is starting to get funny.

By now you’ve heard Angus T. Jones, the half from Two and a Half Men, has a testimonial on youtube in which he speaks out against the show:

At about 7:40 he asks the viewer to please stop watching the show.

Jones is of the age where he’s most likely to have an intense conversion, and given that he’s a child actor we should all be grateful that he’s not having a drug fueled implosion instead. There’s a disturbing bit to this, in that the man he’s following is Christopher Hudson, a deranged conspiracist and general nutjob. I hope that he’s doing something more that using Jones for money and fame.

While Jones now does the inevitable walk back, the parodies are just now starting Here’s Rainn Wilson and Craig Robinson explaining why you shouldn’t watch The Office on Thursday’s at 9pm on NBC:


This is funny and all, but there’s a serious point to be made: Unreasonable Faith is filth. You are rotting your brain just by reading this trash. Trust me, I know, because I write it. In fact, I’m writing it right now. I can’t seem to stop. I think it’s probably Satan. Or maybe the orbital mind control ray.

But you want to know what’s even worse? The Forum. It’s even more filthy than the blog. Seriously, don’t click the link under the banner. I’m warning you, your brain will probably rot so fast it will dribble out your ears. Don’t do it.