I’m sure we’re all tired of all the talk about America’s gun fetish and shooting deaths. Let’s turn to some science news, shall we? Let’s see what ScienceNOW is leading with:

More Radio-Collared Wolves in Wyoming Shot Dead


A wolf that researchers in Yellowstone National Park have followed since she was born 6 years ago, and was unusually popular with visitors and photographers, was shot last week by a hunter in Wyoming. The wolf, known to the park’s wolf researchers as 832F, was wearing a radio collar, like several others that have died in this season’s wolf hunt. She was also the third—and last—of the projects’ wolves outfitted with a specialized GPS collar that collected data every 30 minutes, allowing the scientists’ to track her movements in fine detail. The GPS data are important to understanding the effect of wolves on the park’s elk population, says Douglas Smith, a wildlife biologist and the wolf project’s leader. “We don’t have any wolves with these GPS collars now,” Smith says.

New York’s Wolf Conservation Center has an obituary for the wolf known as “832F”:

Some call her a rock star, others “06,” 832F, or the most famous wolf in the world. Anyway you cut it, her reach was remarkable for a wild animal that had nothing to do with the numerous monikers she was given. Sadly, her celebrity swelled to national proportions when last week this often viewed beast became a hunter’s prize. Wolf “06″, the 6-year-old gray alpha female of the Yellowstone’s Lamar Canyon Pack, was shot in Wyoming by a hunter just 16 miles beyond the safety of Yellowstone National Park’s border. She was killed in Wyoming’s “trophy zone” in the northwest corner of the state. News of her death hit wolf-watchers from around the world hard, evoking emotions of hate, grief, and despair.

  • FO

    Must be fun to kill things.
    Guess I’m not manly enough.

  • Kodie

    I saw this and it seemed timely: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNSxargsAWk

  • vasaroti

    When all the wolves in North America have been exterminated, ranchers will still have attacks on their stock. We have a wild and feral dog problem that people refuse to admit.

    • vasaroti

      A thought – I’ll bet a third of the bikers who show up at the Sturgis rally have some kind of wolf-themed clothing or accessory. That’s where wildlife groups should be collecting donations!

      • Noelle

        Not a bad idea. Something like the National Wildlife Federation could raise good money selling pricey biker-wear with eagles, bears, wolves, and the like.

  • TrickQuestion

    If the wolf had just had more faith in Jesus, this never would have happened. KEEP JESUS IN OUR PARKS!

  • Michael

    It seems a little odd that you can hunt in a national park anyway, to be honest.

    • Yoav

      You can’t, unfortunately wolves tend to be illiterate so they can’t read road signs and as a result wonder out of the park into the “trophy zone” where they can be legally shot by arseholes.

    • Sunny Day

      Probably so the non hunters don’t have to worry about catching a bullet when all they are trying to do is go on a hike or watch the wildlife.