Call Me Gangnam Style

Veteran anti-christ watcher William Tapley has uncovered the supersecret numerology underlying pop hits like Gangnam Style and Call Me Maybe:

“In other words, that 666, which is the number of the antichrist in Bible prophecy, will defeat 555, which is the number of Mary’s rosary …”

Gah. He’s just grabbing any number from 2000 years of Christian history and throwing them into one narrative.

One thing I’ve always wondered: what do conspiracists think that the artists are trying to do when they embed symbols into their art that only the conspiracists can untangle?

  • Ryan

    WHY DID YOU MAKE ME WATCH THIS? My brain is oozing out my left ear because if felt like I have abandoned it and it is no longer needed. Holy hell, the stupidity…I thought this was a joke until I looked the guy up.

    • UrsaMinor

      I’m guessing this must be your first exposure to the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and Co-Prophet of the End Times? Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride! I’ll warn you now: in some of his other videos, he sings.

    • Sunny Day

      We made you watch it because, conspiracy.

  • trj

    what do conspiracists think that the artists are trying to do when they embed symbols into their art that only the conspiracists can untangle?

    That’s not the point. The point is that the conspiracy nut gets to feel superior because he untangled the conspiracy and therefore must be very clever and world-savvy, unlike all the sheeple who are too blind and dumb to realize what is really going on. That feeling of superiority makes them feel all warm inside, and I believe this is the main motivation behind their persistent raving. They thoroughly enjoy the role they’ve created for themselves, to the point where they cling to it in the face of facts or plausibility.

    And then, of course, there are the people who are just insane, like Tapley seems to be.

  • vasaroti

    I’m sure that if he turned his analytical talents towards the psalms, the Book of Common Prayer, or any other clutch of verse, he’d find the same numeric patterns.

  • Matt

    Numerology. Ha. I’d love to hear someone explain to him that the oldest New Testament text show the mark of the beast to actually be 616. But that would involve unraveling his “revelation” and I am not sure he is quite ready to hear that his favorite book might be a mis-print.

  • Johan

    “what do conspiracists think that the artists are trying to do when they embed symbols into their art that only the conspiracists can untangle?”
    I can think of at least three reasons that might make sense to a conspiracy theorist:
    – The symbols are magical – they have not just symbolical meaning, but actual magical power to enchant viewers / beseech the devil / something else. The artists embed the symbols in their art as a way of casting spells or performing symbol magic.
    – The symbols are messages to the like-minded. The artists embed the symbols to tell their side that the day of reckoning (or whatever) is coming soon – to give moral support or even to give orders to act.
    – The artists are like James Bond villains. (who always makes sure to explain their plot to the hero before the final phase.) Only instead of capturing James Bond before the exposition, they provide it up front in an encoded form. (Which also paints the conspiracy theorist who “unveils” the hidden plot as the hero.)

  • Kodie

    I used to love the shit out of numerology. I don’t know why. I bought a used book for $4 about it and everything. Sometime summer or fall 2011, I worked up (for fun) a total prophecy of awesome numbers and patterns based on a fraction derived superficially from a weight loss goal, i.e. the fraction was irrelevant to the goal – I thought that fraction looked nice, like a symbol or logo of my goal. It also seemed fitting not to worry about calculating the numbers rather than just use them as things. I did use simple arithmetic after that, and found infinite decimals, birthdates of my family members, and even my favorite date pun (March 4th). The coincidences, as I manipulated the calculations, just kept coming up. It works like horoscopes. When you are inclined to focus narrowly on the prediction, it seems tailor-made for you, relevant to you, and seemingly too coincidental to just be a coincidence. One typically has no idea that you could take just about any number you like and get what looks to be impressive, personalized results.

    If you are looking for a sign, you will always find a sign. If you are trying to find signs of evil, you will line something up, and if you are looking for signs of fortune, that will emerge from the numbers. In more general terms, if you are looking for a reason to blame for your hate or your fear, you can start working with numbers and come up with something you think is extraordinary and use it to support your hate or fear to gullible people. If you are looking for fulfillment of “prophecy” you can look at the world and fit something into it. If you are wondering what choice to make, you already know what you want, so that’s what will pop out to you when you ask for signs.

    In the larger sense of numbers, coincidences are not miracles that people seem to think they are. If there is a very small chance that something will occur, and it happens to you, people feel singled out for slight chances and narrow misses. They don’t view it from the scope that they are one of billions of people and we all experience a range of statistics every day, mostly average of course. When something different and unusual happens, people do not think that is possible, it must have been divine. Just like when they use numbers to suggest a message sent from beyond, they don’t have the scope to recognize how ordinary it is to find, if you’re looking for, patterns.

    What I think is really funny is the idea that there are secret codes. That it’s not put forth in ordinary language and the truth is hidden like a treasure until you unlock it with an arrangement of numbers. I wonder how long they work on a project to find what they intended to find. Seems to me, like, the more you do the Sunday Crosswords, the more skill you gain in doing them, but it can still be tough to get to the solutions, that it’s a lot like that. They know what they are trying to crack, it has a theme and everything. They might have clues that don’t match up with what they want to see and simply discard them and go over it a different way until it comes out the way they expected.

  • Paul

    I can’t tell, is Tapley off his meds or has he got really good ones? Either way, he is scary weird but at least he’s not singing.

  • drax

    These are clearly the significant numbers on the shirt (because the other ones don’t add up to the nuber I want). I’ll also ignore all the other numbers on the license plate because they don’t fit my scheme either. Also, what’s the reference for Mary’s rosary being 555?

  • Noelle

    If he’s only co-prophet, who’s the other one?

    • Matti

      Apparently, Daniel (of the Bible fame). His other title, the Third Eagle is even more grandiose: it actually refers to the third Beast of Revelation (Anti-Christ being the… fifth, I think? Obama’s the 4th!). I’ve actually subscribed to him on youtube; he’s probably the weirdest thing that it also entertaining that I can think of.

  • Noelle

    I caved and finally looked up Gangnam Style so I’d understand the cultural references. I’m sorry I did that.

  • Brian K

    Wow. so this avuncular, singing grandfather in a comfortable sweater is on the same level as DANIEL!

    Ego much? LOL

  • Yoav

    Third eagle have done some more research and found out that god and the prophet Enoch (who apparently been living in Korea since 2010, you learn something new every day) have hacked the video in order to give Tapley some extra info about the antichrist or something.

  • Peaslepuff

    “The homosexual’s telephone number begins with the number 555. This is not accidental.”

    Well, no shit, of course it’s not accidental. It’s like he’s never seen a movie.

  • Duncan Cloudbender

    No no no! The color yellow is associated with the sun, so the man dressed in yellow is clearly Lucifer. In the scene where he confronts Psy (wearing blue and white, colors associated with Christ) the yellow clad man finds himself unable to defeat Psy, and flees in his RED car. Psy is the Second Coming! /sarcasm