God Doesn’t Go Where He’s Not Wanted

Brian Fischer wants us to know that God won’t go anywhere that he’s not invited. Kinda like a vampire that way, I guess.

I just don’t know anymore. You’d think that someone from the Christian mainstream would step up and explain “omnipresence” to Fischer. You’d think someone would explain that a God who will go to Nineveh won’t stop at a school room door. You’d think that some influential Christian would explain that Christians don’t worship a God that petty. But there’s never any pushback.

That leaves idiots like Fischer to us; atheists, liberal Christians and religious minorities calling them out. Is there any point? We can chronicle all the horrible things that people like him say, but they just keep on saying them. You can’t embarrass them. You can’t shame them. They live to be offended, and every attack against them just fuels their persecution complex.

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  • Gordon

    I’m pretty sure he wasn’t wanted in Ancient Egypt when he was supposedly bringing plagues.

    • trj

      Yeah, I guess Fischer is unfamiliar with his own Bible. It’s chock full of stories of God going where he’s not wanted. And not to rescue people, but to bring death and destruction.

  • mikespeir

    Well, now we know that all those kids who were killed hated God.

    • 1234567

      no all those kids killed did not hate God they hardly new him if they heard of him at all. its bigger then just the individuals.

  • Shauna

    I would think if you were a Christian God would be where ever you were no matter if he was invited or not. Isn’t that what they teach? He is always watching. Does removing God from a building produce some force field he can’t see through?

  • kessy_athena

    LOL and when has political expediency ever failed to trump doctrine? Like I said before, ideology is all about we’re Right and everyone else is Wrong, and is completely independent of the particular ideas involved.

  • Zotz

    “You can’t embarrass them. You can’t shame them.”

    Well done. This is a fundamental insight about the reichwingnuts/neo-confederates. Everything (religion, economics, etc.) about them is faith based and immune to facts and evidence.

    We are (have been) delusional if we ever thought our rational take downs of these cretins would change their speech and behavior.

    These people are a danger to themselves and others. In a rational world, their projected fear of the “FEMA Camps” for their ilk would have some basis in reality.

    • FO

      I think the point is to expose and isolate them.

      • http://themikewrites.blogspot.com JohnMWhite

        Isolate them from whom, though? Anybody with a conscience is already overly sickened by these kinds of people, while their own flock continues to fawn after them and their petty, vindictive sky bully. This “god doesn’t go where he isn’t wanted” thing has become an Internet meme already. It’s all over Twitter and Facebook. There truly is no shame in the people who will take the deaths of a students and teachers and use them as an excuse to indulge their persecution complex and whine about not being able to force children to whisper magic spells.

        • FO

          Look, I am as worried as you, but indeed, many of those people are beyond recovery.
          Strange as it is, I think that there is a continuum of ideas between them and us, and people in the middle can be prevented from sliding there.
          I would be happy with keeping them a small fringe.

          • http://themikewrites.blogspot.com JohnMWhite

            I understand your point of view, but I disagree they are a small fringe. Huckabee isn’t some blogger or a crazy DJ on extremist Christian radio. I am finding it harder and harder to see a middle-ground, particularly when the ‘moderates’ never say boo about outrageous lines of thinking like this latest meme. If there’s a continuum, I think there’s a deep chasm not very far from where we are.

            • Kodie

              You know what I think? I think there is an extreme here and moderate religionists probably feel that they have struck the golden mean (maybe I mix some metaphors here). The moderates do sometimes speak up when an atheist says something. The way I look at it is – there is either a god or no god. So “no god” is an extreme on the continuum, even if you don’t talk about your beliefs. “No god” is an absolute. The rest of the continuum is variations on a single belief.

              We don’t really speak against moderates and their coverage of extreme fundamentalists. We don’t really speak against moderates and the silly things they believe or the attitudes they come from to make the decisions they make. All I have heard them say is “we’re not all like that, you know”. Most of us are kind, decent, normal people. I think that’s a delusion too. In reality, a lot of them have similar opinions and voting agendas. A lot of them turn to god in a time of tragedy and conclude something about god that is complete apologetics. They are placated by their beliefs to get over and get on, but the really real issues remain unsolved and unaddressed. What they want is an easy fix, like banning guns – and lets just let mental illness slide and be forgotten; and/or they want “closure”. They want rest. They want peace. They are not achieving real peace. They are praying and comforting and feeling something like time passes and we feel safer. Guess what? It happens again and it is like a brand-new shock. OH MY GOD A SHOOTER! THOSE PEOPLE! OH, wringing hands, crying, lighting a candle or some symbolic shit, and then it’s over. Until …. the goddamned next time after that.

              The main thing is that I feel a lot of heat and blame being an atheist, even though I don’t go out of my way, honestly. I feel like we are getting blamed for our presence in a way that moderate religionists get out of. When, for example, there is a cross on public property, who is defending it to be there and who is opposing it? When there is a shooting massacre, what are we talking about? Why is it difficult to bring up what could be done to prevent it? It turns out that’s insensitive. If we talk about it on top of the holy sacred mourning period, we are “exploiting” something instead of demonstrating respect and grief as is the custom. It does not seem relevant next week or month. It is almost always too soon or too late to prevent something that has just happened. Reality, we cannot go back a few days to prevent this. So when are we going to prevent the next time? Weirdly, when it happens, everyone has a sense of fear – that it is liable to happen in their workplace, a public place, a place full of children, a movie theater, an airplane, etc. Then complacence sets in. We go in our routines and feel relatively safe again. Statistically, this hardly ever happens. What is the moderate religious attitude on prevention? Shhhh, that’s disrespectful. It’s disrespectful to counter a tragedy with blame on anything but the shooter. This extreme religious view of god is … a thoughtless attitude for certain, but at least it is wired like an immediate impulse toward preventing future tragedies, which I thought we all wanted. The sense I get from “moderate” is “norm” in the culture. The norm is to follow with a period of grief. To discuss prevention is to blame someone other than the shooter, and a smack in the face of the victims for not preventing it in a more timely fashion.

              I will also regard this as a traffic light problem. Certain intersections just don’t have enough organization for cars and pedestrians – and people die. The “how many people have to die at this intersection before we put up a stop sign” is something I hear pretty commonly, or did in the suburbs. A stop sign can’t enforce obedience and in no way prevents all accidents, but it is information that drivers may use to inform themselves how to approach a corner or intersection with more care.

              So that’s my freakin’ tangent. Moderates are like, it’s too late to save these children so it’s too soon to talk about preventing it. In my experience, they seem to set the norms and etiquette, they are the ones who are offended by their loss of privilege, they are the ones who are offended when someone insults religion – to them it is a benign thing. They see the harms but they don’t want to be associated with the harms. They don’t like atheism any more than they like fundamentalism. They feel they are the average everyday normal Americans – the middle, the non-confrontational, they do talk about god like he’s assumed to be real by everyone and they do not seem to question that. They question you and how you could seem so normal and not reach the same conclusion, and they think less of you, they pity you, they think you are missing out on an obvious thing.

  • Russ Painter

    They must be forgetting the crusades.

  • Dennis R

    Here are 33 pages of dramatic pictures of churches destroyed by tornadoes. Fischer will explain that away by saying that these churches’ members were not real, true, believers. Hence, God just didn’t bother to show up: https://www.google.ca/search?q=tornadoes+destroy+churches&hl=en&tbo=u&tbm=isch&source=univ&sa=X&ei=arDMUKbtBNTUyQG18ICgBg&ved=0CEQQsAQ&biw=925&bih=482

  • vasaroti

    It looked to me like the community is predominantly Christian, and you can bet there was plenty of Baby Jesus decor inside the school. Maybe he just doesn’t consider Catholics Christian.

    • FO

      A gunmen went there and killed a lot of children.
      What more proof you want that they were God-forsaking heathens!?

  • Sue Blue

    What a powerless piece-of-shit god this guy worships. What a pissant, petty asshole. “People dissed me, so I’m going to ignore them all – even the little kids – and see how they like it! So there! That’ll teach ‘em!”
    Suppose I, as a nurse, decided to sit at the nurse’s station and twiddle my thumbs while one of my patients coded – because the guy said he didn’t like me or he had some beliefs or values I don’t share. Not only would I not last long at my job, I’d be prosecuted for gross malpractice. Yet “God” can act like a pissy 3-year-old and it’s just hunky-dory according to deluded cancers like Brian Fischer and Pat Robertson. God’s just gonna keep the hurricanes, tornados, and crazed gunmen coming until we’re all real sorry!
    Guys like Fisher and Robertson make the best argument for atheism I’ve ever seen. Keep it up, morons. You’re just talking yourselves out of a job.

  • What?

    I thought god is every where all the time. I thought a Christian parent would expect god to be watching over their beloved child. He is simply trying to give his conscious a reason why god wan’t there. Some people were thanking god that day for saving their child from this murder. It seems god was there for the saved. How do we not know the killer didnt pray to god before he left his hows asking god to keep his aim sure and true for he could kill effectively? LOL all of the christians comments I heard yesterday was just amazingly bad.

  • Godlesspanther

    I hate Bryan Fischer.

    Just do.

  • Mark Temporis

    God can’t even keep the kiddy fiddlers out of his own church!

  • Paul

    Even in the bible I don’t see many instances of god doing anything really positive. A bit of magic to feed a crowd or to provide wine for a wedding but for the most part its a lot more about smacking down folks.

    I do feel sorry for the true believers who really want to see a good guy god rescue kids from nut jobs with assault rifles and when he doesn’t they have to blame themselves or others for the invisible sky daddy not showing up to protect the innocent children. If its not their own fault or the fault of non believers then they might have to start looking at that book they have been reading and decide if its real or not based on reality.

    The only god that remotely makes sense would be something akin to the deist version of god, a beginning force and that seventh day is still going on. As far as someone we could look to to help on a daily basis or even who would step up when the shit really hits the fan we’re out of luck. Looking for any other kind of god is just a waste of time and an exercise in extreme mental gymnastics to explain away all the times he just wasn’t there. If their god had a boss, he would have been canned billions of years ago.

    To try and turn this tragedy into a soap box for any set of beliefs or even a lack thereof seems to me the worst possible course of action. I don’t know if anything could have been done to prevent this. My guess is that if this man was determined enough he would have found a way. Gun control wouldn’t have done it because there are many other ways to kill a bunch of people.

    Perhaps some intervention could have been done if someone knew what he was planning but it appears that while he was obviously a troubled young man there was nothing that he had said or done that would have led to having him either confined for observation or committed.

  • Bob Seidensticker

    Dude’s got a problem—the Constitution, not the Bible, governs public life. If he doesn’t like that, well, I guess it sucks to be him.

    What a moron.