Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry on Science & Religion

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Romance at Mars Hill
So Long, And Thanks For All The Memories (From Dan)
Forbidden Knowledge
  • vasaroti

    In the clip around 3:00, I sort of wish he’d used a different term than spiritual. He’s clearly using it in the sense of mental or conscious, but it puts him at risk of Xian quote-mining.

  • Igor

    You have the nonsensical rantings and buffoonery of Tapley, and then the common sense and wisdom of Frye and Laurie back to back on this site. So interesting! I’m sure Tapley and his ilk (if they were capable of even understanding Frye) would condemn such wisdom as proof of their absurd thinking. Then we follow with the idiotic and dangerous lunacy of David Barton ( a fraud of the first magnitude). What a world we live in. Thank FSM for the likes of Frye, Hitchens, Sam Harris et al, who fight the good fight of common sense.