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Mark Regnerus, blogging in the Evangelical channel on the blog Black, White and Gray asks,

Liberal Women Wish for More Sex. Why?

Is this really a question that needs an answer? I just assumed it was one of the Catch-22′s of adult life: you always want more sex and you always want more sleep, but you can’t have both at the same time.

Nevertheless, Mark has crunched the stats and come up with the answer:

Basically, liberal women substitute sex for religion.

… wait … I just … no, nevermind. Fill in your own responses in the comments. Nothing I can say is going to help matters.

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  • Ashley

    I always assumed when my wife said “Oh lord, you make me so hot!” she was talking to me, but I realize now I’ve been imagining that comma. Thanks, Regnerus!

  • -in

    The only way to control a society is by controlling the women of that society. Controlling the women means controlling their sexuality.

    The reason the religious right is so afraid of sexual freedom is because sex is the door to enlightenment. Once free from guilt and fear, the sexually aware human realizes that religious institutions exist to control and oppress; sex helps people break free from this oppression.

    • Frank

      Yeah that what’s its all about! :rolleyes

      • advent-gred

        “-in” may have worded it it badly (“the *only* way to control society”…”*the* door to enlightenment”) but I think “shame” can support the power of those who impose or support the shaming.

        “shame” is something which relates to concepts of “honor” and “purity”. I’d think these can all work together to make people more obedient and dependent on authority. Other thinkers have thought so as well . Sexual liberation might not be “the” path to enlightenment, but sexual shame is one contributor to suppression of independent thought and action. Shame is basically fear and insecurity, so yea.

  • Dorfl

    I wonder what he’d have said if someone claimed conservative women use religion as a substitute for sex.

    • kessy_athena

      Aren’t the two statements essentially equivalent? I’ve thought for a long time that christinaity has been trying for centuries to destroy healthy emotional relationships in society and substitute itself in their stead in order to make people dependent on them.

      • harry

        to be equivalent we must use the following argument: A -> B , ~B -> ~A

        if liberal women then more sex
        if not more sex then not liberal women

        • Elemenope

          The contrapositive strikes again!

        • aanimo

          No –

          A -> B is equivalent to ~B -> ~A. So anytime A->B, ~B->~A and vice versa.

          To show A and B are equivalent, one must show A->B and B->A.

      • Kodie

        I’m given to understand hardcore Christians are all about sex and very little about anything else. They are totally fixated on it, and marriage counseling all but amounts to directing the wife to save her marriage by getting sluttier.

        • Silent Service

          But only to fufill his needs; because Gawd commands it. After all, his lust is woman’s fault for that whole fruit thing back in Eden.

      • Dorfl

        “I’ve thought for a long time that christianity has been trying for centuries to destroy healthy emotional relationships in society and substitute itself in their stead in order to make people dependent on them.”

        I don’t know about ‘trying’ in any conscious sense, but I definitely think that to propagate, a religion has to create – and then fulfill – some sort of need in its believers.

        • kessy_athena

          I was speaking about actions, not conscious intent. I didn’t mean to imply some sort of grand conspiracy or anything like that.

    • The Vicar

      Actually, that was the very first thing which came to mind on reading this: that he has it backwards. Everyone wants more sex, but religious people are told that even wanting it — let alone acting on the desire — is evil evil evil, so they substitute other things instead. And then they carry those other activities out with some rather disturbing furvor. If you read about traditional religious austerities, most of which are thankfully now rare, you will find that an awful lot of them are… well, according to Nic Buxom they have cutesy names for them in S&M dungeons, that’s all I’m saying.

  • jose

    Shame and guilt will make people lie in polls.

  • jose

    Here’s my theory: sex is fun and nobody is telling liberals that they are worthless second-hand scum for having it.

    • Carys Birch

      hear hear! :D

      • jose

        Not even exaggerating. I’ve also heard “already chewed gum” as an analogy for people who has had sex. Who would want to chew already chewed gum, right?

        Can you imagine any other human activity in which experience is considered a bad thing? Only someone who wants to control your life tells you that being clueless is a virtue.

        • Carys Birch

          Believe me, I knew you weren’t exaggerating, I’ve been fighting my way out of my fundamentalist upbringing for years now. My answer to why liberal women want more sex is that they allow themselves to acknowledge that they like it. At least it worked for me!

        • Dorfl

          “I’ve also heard “already chewed gum” as an analogy for people who has had sex. Who would want to chew already chewed gum, right?”

          Oh, ghod. For the sake of their potential spouses, I hope anyone who compares sexual partners to gum never has a long-term relationship.

        • Sunny Day

          Turn that already chewed gum analogy around on them.
          How long are you supposed to chew the same piece of gum before trading it in for a new piece?
          Then ask them if divorced/widowed people are allowed to get re-married?

    • FO

      This! ^_^

    • Silent Service

      Don’t let out our secret. Then everybody will give up their silly faiths.

  • Bart Mitchell

    In most religions, sex is viewed as a negative thing. Sexuality is discouraged my various codes of modesty. Even in liberal religions, there is a subtle stigma attached to sexuality. As Elem pointed out, the contrapositive argument here is a far more likely explanation of of the results of the poll.

    • kessy_athena

      I would beg to differ with you, as would the Kama Sutra. This is another case where Christianity and its relatives really aren’t representative of religion in general. While many societies outside their sphere of influence do have assorted societal norms regarding sex, that’s not at all the same thing as a religious stigma about sex. After all, pregnancy and venereal disease are entirely practical concerns that are pretty universal.

      • Bart Mitchell

        ‘Religion in general’?!? Between Islam and Christianity, they account for more than 70% of the worlds population, I would count that as ‘religion in general’. Sure, there are some sex + types of Hinduism, but there is also plenty of misogyny and sexual stigma associated with other types.

        • kessy_athena

          Dude, seriously? Where in the world did you get the 70% figure? I don’t know what the real figure is off hand, but that’s just silly. I have two words for you. India. China. And besides, in an historical context, both Christianity and Islam are new kids on the block. Religion was around for a long, long time before Akhenaten lost his mind and decided there’s only one god.

          • UrsaMinor

            Last I knew, adherents of Abrahamic religions accounted for just under 4 billion people if taken all together. I.e., roughly 50% of the world population. Abrahamics are divided into about three-fifths Christian, two-fifths Muslim, and pocket change. The numbers for the smaller Abrahamic religions like Judaism, Bahai’i and Mormonism are so low in comparison to the Big Two that including them doesn’t change the picture by more than a couple of percent.

          • advent-gred

            I thought China actually had a fairly large christian population. I don’t know the numbers, though.

            • kessy_athena

              The Chinese Government doesn’t really keep official statistics on religions the way Western countries usually do, but estimates put the number of Chinese Christians at something like 40 – 50 million and Muslims at 20 – 30 million. Which is a few percent each of the total population of over 1.3 billion.

        • FO

          Revy: (Why am I seeing your full name?)
          Wikipedia says that Christianity and Islam amount to some 54%:

          Hindus are an even less uniform loot, but AFAIK lot of branches put quite some stigmata on sex.

          • Eric D Red

            I’m not a grammar natzi except if it’s particularly Freudian. Sexual stigma is unpleasant, but sexual stigmata is rather BDSM, isn’t it?

            • JK

              stigmata is the plural of stigma.

        • Bart Mitchell

          Mea culpa.

          The faiths of the Semetic gods account for at most 55% of the worlds population, not 70%. I was off by a good 15%, my apologies.

  • Matt E

    Mark Regnerus’ premise is just too astoundingly stupid. The colossal flaw that any person with two brain cells to rub together could see is that most liberal people are, in fact religious – including those liberal women who wish for more sex. So Mark, if they have religion and wish for more sex, what are they substituting for? When you use a religious point of view as a starting place to reason from, you invariably wind up with a pile of crap.

    • Silent Service

      In Regnerus’ point of view, they are not real Christians because they do not follow his version of Christianity. To him, no liberal is a Christian because liberalism violates Christian ideas so from his point of view the concept that sex is a substitution for religion (real Christian conservative religion) is still valid.

      That does not make Regnerus less idiotic, but it helps you to understand him.

  • Aaron

    After arguing that Mark’s study about gay family’s is bullshit, it’s great to see Mark come out and tell us he is insane.
    Making my arguement for me; thanks Mark!

  • Hitchslapper

    Oh, E=MC2!

    • Paul

      You turn me on in every frame!

      • kessy_athena

        No, only in inertial frames.

  • Hitchslapper

    It comes down to this… silly Chrisians….. People want more sex because it’s fun, and because it feels good……….While having a relationship with ghod…. is more like Masturbating…..

    • Silent Service

      No it isn’t. I do not feel guilty after masturbating now that I do not believe Gawd is watching so it ahs to be different. Hrmmmm… Maybe that explains my exhibitionist streak. I thought Gawd was watching me for so long that now I want an audience to make up for that feeling that nobody is watching and I don’t have one.

  • JLT

    “Think about it. Casual sex destroys human dignity, and when a human being has no dignity, their life isn’t worth anything, and thus, we get increasing suicide rates.”

    From the comments. And they wonder why conservative women don’t say that they want more sex…

    • Silent Service

      Well, if your sex life was so bad that you’d consider suicide before having sex with your partner again would you have any dignity?

  • Noelle

    Speak for yourselves. I substitute sleep for religion.

  • UrsaMinor

    I don’t get the furor about people having sex. It’s fun. The only things about it that require serious attention to ethical principles are obtaining consent, preventing STD transmission, and deciding whether or not to make babies.

    • Silent Service

      Well, where and when should have some serious though to them too; but yeah that sounds like all the basics are covered.

    • Hilary

      I would add not lying as a serious concern. Cheating is not cool.