Mormons and Those Other Minorities

The elapse time of internet parodies continues to shorten. In imitation of the PR move and website directed at homosexuals, mentioned here, there’s now a biting parody website, Mormons and Negros:

Where the Church Stands:

Being black is a complex reality for many people. Having dark skin isn’t itself a sin, but it is often an indicator of past sin. Even though individuals are sometimes cursed with dark skin because of sins committed in this lifetime, others may not have sinned in this life: those who were less valiant in the war in heaven are born with dark skin.

The site even dug up an old tradition that almost every Mormon could wish gone: the idea that as non-whites become truly faithful, they will become white. My understanding is that this has always been a minority belief, but it continues to pop up:

Fortunately, God can help those who were born black overcome their skins of darkness and become “white and delightsome” once again – the curse can be removed! Both Brigham Young and Spencer W. Kimball, among others, spoke of this miracle of miracles. President Kimball even saw this happening among the Lamanites (Native Americans) after they were brought into white foster homes.

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