Westboro Chipmunks

I swiped this from Slacktivist. I wasn’t expecting much when I saw the dollar store chipmunk puppets, but the lyrics more than made up for it:

If you think that WBC is sincere in their beliefs, enjoy the skewering of their hyper-calvinist theology. If you think they’re just in it for the lawsuits and attention, enjoy the fact that they’re being mocked by singing chipmunk handpuppets.

  • TrickQuestion
  • Gregory Marshall

    Nothing like one Christian denomination bagging on another.

    • Custador

      WBC aren’t Christians, they’re a lawsuit factory. They exist in order to cause maximum offence, in the hope that people will do something about it. Then they sue whoever does. I rarely wish violence upon anybody, and I certainly would never carry it out, but the part of me that secretly craves schadenfreud really does hope that somebody will do something terminal about them, preferably involving about 12lbs of C4 and their entire congregation of evil bastards, from Fred Phelps on down.

      • Reginald Selkirk

        WBC aren’t TRUE Christians…


        • Mark Joseph

          Best “no true Scotsman” fallacy of the day (so far).

      • kessy_athena

        Personally, I’m rooting for a sniper rifle, not C4. Less chance of collateral damage.

        • Paul

          as long as collateral is limited to wbc members, I’m ok with the C4.

      • Will

        they follow the bible. christians.

      • trj

        I’m sure they’ll get what they deserve in the afterlife.


      • JK

        Wishing for harm to come to those bloody morons of WBC *cough cough* poor misguided WBC people is one thing, but you guys should really not write about what method would be best to “get rid of them”. Someone might be inclined to either sue you or fulfill your wish…

  • Lurker111

    I keep waiting for them to picket the funeral of a veteran who also happened to be a member of a motorcycle gang.

    • Paul

      The one I’m waiting for is for Fred to be found with a guy, it seems like every time one of the televangelists gets really hot on gay bashing they get discovered and outed with their boyfriend. I only hope its an adult, Fred can leave the little boys to the Catholics.

  • Hitchslapper

    If they’re really sincere in their beliefs, let them kill themselves and go be with their Geebus…….

  • Noelle

    I wonder if Martin Luther ever brought out singing chipmunk puppets when discussing John Calvin?