When Fundies Get Pathetic

I thought I’d let you in to a little bit of the routine of a moderator here on UF. Or maybe it’s just me who goes to these lengths, I don’t know. Anyway, this morning I logged in and saw this little icon:

Which is there to tell me that somebody’s awaiting moderation. This is pretty common, since all first commenters on the site have to be pre-moderated; it cuts down the spam you guys see and makes mods lives easier. This morning’s was a little bit special though. It wasn’t a comment chock full of links to buy ViagaBoutinTM Brand Combination Shoes/Male Enhancers, it was this:

Now, me, I’m a suspicious minded little bastid, and I think a lot of you probably are too. My first thoughts on reading this were:

1) No way am I approving that comment, and
2) I bet that’s a fundie setting up his own straw-man.

Happily, there is a very useful website where you can find out stuff like that: Pipl.com. I ran a quick search on his email address, and as it turns out, the guy has a YouTube account too. No videos, but my my my weren’t some of his comments on other people’s videos revealing! Here’s a selection:

Yeesh. Not only does this guy apparently want to set up his own argument, but he’s got such negative stereotypes of what it means to be an atheist, that he thought that comment wouldn’t be out of place on an atheist blog. This, my friends, is when fundies get pathetic.

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