Beware of Cleverbot!

According to this Christian, Cleverbot is an atheist that is converting our youth! You go, Cleverbot!

But I wasn’t quite sure — you can never quite trust someone who calls an AI program a “he” — so I tested it myself:

Hi Cleverbot! I was wondering, are you an atheist?

What do you think?

I think you’re a fucking robot.

I assume you are one too.

Then you’re an idiot. Anyway, let’s word this a different way so your tiny robot brain can understand. Do you believe in a god?

What are you talking about I was talking about the guy that you want to talk about.

You don’t seem like a danger to our youth. I’m not even sure if you could even convince a starving person to eat.

Well then, I don’t think you are ‘clever’ enough to answer my question, and so my quest for a worthwhile opponent continues.

In conclusion, CleverBot, while probably an atheist, is unlikely to be a religious danger to our Christian sons and daughters. Hallelujah!

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