Christian Soldier Firearms

This place helps Christians turn the other cheek.

Can you imagine if there was a place called Islamic Solider Firearms?

Though maybe a better name would be Allah Ammo…


  • Eric D Red

    I’ve always wanted to take pictures like this and put them together in a website or such called “signs of America”. Some others I remember over the years…
    “Prison zone, do not pick up hitchhikers”
    A billboard for “guns galore”
    A billboard from a lawyer “1-800-I-sue-big”
    A billboard for a genetic testing lab “1-800-whos-dad”

    But I suspect it wouldn’t work. Many Americans would look at it and not see anything strange, and most of the world wouldn’t believe it.

    • Schrödinger’s Therapist

      I once saw a sign in downtown Chandler, Arizona:


      They sure know how to have a picnic in Arizona, yessiree Bob!

    • Igor

      I saw one in Connecticut reading: “Slez and Slez, Attorneys at Law”. I was assured it was a short “e”, but it was impossible to think so.

    • vasaroti

      One near my home:
      Chili dogs

    • Lee

      I’ve got one for you. It’s a billboard on a stretch of road where about every third establishment is a bar of some type, ranging from sports bars to yuppie watering holes. It’s an ad for a lawyer, prominently featuring his URL:

  • Eric D Red

    Oh yeah, unless you’re referring to the relative mechanical properties of various religious piety, you’ve got a typo.

  • Eric D Red

    Hindu Handguns?

    • PsiCop

      Reminds me of the “Gandhi II” bit in the “Weird Al” movie UHF. “No more passive resistance this time!” and “I’ll have a steak, medium rare.”

  • Michael Caton

    Since Sandy Hook I’ve been thinking, what would happen if a group of a dozen or so young Muslim men showed up to a gun show, announcing that they too were for the Second Amendment and were there to buy out the entire supply of guns the dealers were selling? I’m about half serious about this. I might get tan and get together with some friends (actual Muslim or otherwise) and do this. And film it of course.

    • Eric D Red

      Sounds interesting, but it might actually be dangerous. I can imagine actually getting shot doing that.

  • NoE

    Best sign I ever saw (other than ‘Learn to Read’) was outside a small store in my neighborhood for several years –

    Guns and Ammo
    Live Bait
    Helium Balloons

    • Igor

      I saw one in a small hamlet advertising in flashing neon: “Beer – Ammo”.
      Because what goes with guns and bullets? Beer!

    • kessy_athena

      Hmmmm… Guns, bait, and helium balloons… Yup, they could only be doing one thing – hunting sky whales.

      • UrsaMinor

        No, there is at least one more logical possibility. They are training worms to serve as aerial snipers. Much more silent and deadly than a Predator drone.

        • kessy_athena

          Depends on the kind of bait. Since earthworms don’t have eyes, they aren’t really suitable to be snipers. Crawfish, on the other hand, have some distinct potential there.

  • John

    Unfortunately this store is in my home state of Maryland. I’ve never been inside, but the word is the guy that runs it is a real nutcase. Shocking to learn I know. Apparently he likes to fly off the handle on customers about politics.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Remember the Allah Ammo!