Garfunkel and Oates on the Backdoor Loophole

Okay… this is way over the top, but I can’t help posting it.

Viewer discretion advised (which means don’t watch this if you are offended by sexual religious comedy).

Meet The Wife
Once you run out of ice giants …
All Cycles Come to an End
A Higher View of Sex
  • Custador

    I heart this video so hard :D

  • Lester Ballard

    They are so great. And, is “sexual religious comedy” a new genre?

  • Serena

    Yeah this song is hilarious xD

  • Natty

    i would most certainly do them both in the ass in for jesus

    • Custador

      You know, despite the title and contents of the song, this comment really made me cringe. They’re talking dirty for satirical effect… You’re just objectifying them by reducing them to orifices with pretty wrappers. That’s pretty crappy, dude.

      • Natty

        hhhmmmmmm thats actually exactly what im doing, but since it makes you cringe you could say that im agreeing with them on the grounds of their religious beliefs. Also isnt it you who moderates these comments?if so you could have just left it out.

        • Mogg

          Attempting to justify being crappy, and putting responsibility for the appearance of your own bad behaviour onto someone else. Going well there, top stuff.

          • Natty

            Amen to that brother

            • Mogg

              That’s “commenter of a female persuasion” to you.

            • Custador

              You are a very confusing person.

        • kessy_athena

          Dude, don’t go around making people’s lives difficult for no reason. Custy has plenty of stuff to deal with without you adding to it.

        • Custador

          You didn’t say anything that broke our commenting rules. I’m just pointing out in a personal capacity that what you did say made you sound either very creepy or like a teenage boy who isn’t used to testosterone yet. Seriously dude, this is not a frat house. Saying stuff like that really isn’t nice.

    • FO

      You don’t get laid often, do you?

    • UrsaMinor

      Stay classy.

  • The Other Weirdo

    Isn’t that the girl from Raising Hope?

    • Troutbane

      Yes, the dark haired one (Micucci) is on Raising Hope and has also been on How I Met Your Mother, and other misc roles on tv and movies.
      The blonde haired one (Lindhome) was Sheldon’s stalker/care taker on one episode of The Big Bang Theory, and has also been on other misc. roles on tv and movies.
      On a complete aside, although Lindhome is of suitable age to have been on How I Met Your Mother, and despite a very tiny degree of separation, and despite showing up on another CBS comedy show, she never has had a part on the show. She also plays a guitar and has a very quirky stage presence. My theory is she will be the actress that plays the unknown mom.

      • Kodie

        I think Lindhome was also in the 5-hour energy pink lemonade/breast cancer awareness ad? I like seeing either of them pop up here and there. She was also in an episode of Pushing Daisies called “Dummy”, really good. Micucci was also on Scrubs in the last couple seasons as Ted’s girlfriend, and was one of the daughters on ‘Til Death (the pregnant one). The couple (Brad Garrett and Jolie Fisher) had only one daughter but she was played over the course of the series by I think 4 different actresses, another of whom was Krysten Ritter from Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 (a funny show you should watch). TD was a terrible show made worse by being shown out of order and having the main plot be revamped several times, and Gilbert Gottfried was on it sometimes, but so was Martin Mull. I don’t watch the reruns on purpose, but I like seeing some of these people on TV when there’s nothing else on.

  • Carl Wong

    Watch the music video for this song, just released:

    Watch with onscreen lyrics: and

    • Yoav

      You do understand you’ve just posted the exact same song as the one that appear in the OP?