Loaves and Spaghetti

Cindy Jacobs is reliably loopy, but her account of various daily miracles is a stretch even for her…

“We believe we’re moving into a supernatural season, where if needed, God will multiply food. I have seen God multiply food more than one time when I was cooking. I mean when our kids were little, they were always bringing friends into the house. And I remember spooning out spaghetti or whatever, just praying in the spirit over that, and God just made more and more and more. You know, I’ve seen oil multiply as I was praying for the sick. I’ve seen bottles of oil just fill up about a cup a time of oil. But the point is we were promised supernatural provisions.”

Courtesy of the reliably entertaining Christian Nightmares. And while we’re on the subject, check out the new Christian Nightmares Too, where you can submit your own Christian nightmare:

In 2013, I’ll be starting a new blog called Christian Nightmares Too. For the past three years, Christian Nightmares has been highlighting (or lowlighting) the absurd, terrifying, hilarious, ridiculous, and troubling beliefs, behaviors, and actions of many evangelical Christians. Unfortunately, there continues to be an abundance of such material so Christian Nightmares will continue. But now I’d also like to help show how these beliefs, behaviors, and actions often negatively affect people, so Christian Nightmares Too will allow you to tell your story.

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