Poe’s Law Strikes Again

In terms of evangelical witnessing, you have your pragmatic methods, (“This community helped me get through a tough time”), your cliched methods (“I made Jesus my personal savior”), and your batshit crazy methods (“The POWER of JEsus saved me from the DEMONS of SIN!”).

Joseph Sciambra falls somewhere in the extreme end of the third category, with his blog titled How Our Lord Jesus Christ Saved Me From Homosexuality, Pornography, and the Occult. He’s gotten some attention for this unhinged video, in which he uses knowledge gleaned from his time as a gay porn star to explain why Satan is connected to anal sex:

“Anal sex would release into the world these rare demonic entities that even in the body could be conceived this, um, devil, it would be given birth to anally, not physically it was more of a spiritual body.”

Here’s the problem: Sciambra might be paranoid, he might be in the extreme wing of American Christianity, or he might be a rather bizarre parody. Without a signal from him, we simply can’t know.

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