Poe’s Law Strikes Again

In terms of evangelical witnessing, you have your pragmatic methods, (“This community helped me get through a tough time”), your cliched methods (“I made Jesus my personal savior”), and your batshit crazy methods (“The POWER of JEsus saved me from the DEMONS of SIN!”).

Joseph Sciambra falls somewhere in the extreme end of the third category, with his blog titled How Our Lord Jesus Christ Saved Me From Homosexuality, Pornography, and the Occult. He’s gotten some attention for this unhinged video, in which he uses knowledge gleaned from his time as a gay porn star to explain why Satan is connected to anal sex:

“Anal sex would release into the world these rare demonic entities that even in the body could be conceived this, um, devil, it would be given birth to anally, not physically it was more of a spiritual body.”

Here’s the problem: Sciambra might be paranoid, he might be in the extreme wing of American Christianity, or he might be a rather bizarre parody. Without a signal from him, we simply can’t know.

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  • Bart Mitchell

    I’m having a hard time believing his sincerity. From the sweater to the random choppy cuts. I guess that’s the problem with Poe’s law, you just can’t ever tell.

    That aside, I saw this link at the end of the video
    It’s Kathy Griffith on Letterman, talking about her New Years show with Anderson Cooper. At one point, she attempts to forcibly give Cooper oral sex (or simulated oral sex). It’s a laugh moment for the crowd, and Griffith, but it left me remembering that forced kiss with Jenny McCarthy and Justin Beiber. With all the attention on womens right to be unmolested, wtf is Griffith thinking by doing this on national TV? Unlike Beiber, I imagine that Cooper knew he was in for some type of sexual abuse, for the good of the network, but I can’t help but think that things like this set us back a decade every time they happen.

    • UrsaMinor

      I’m having a hard time believing this guy was a gay porn star.

      Yeah, I think Kathy Griffith crossed a line, but I think she will also be given a pass on it because, you know, she’s a woman and Anderson is a man, and guys like that stuff so it’s not harassment, right?

  • http://www.everydayintheparkwithgeorge.com Matt E

    I’m inclined to take him seriously with all of those Christian nicknacks covering the room. That’s an awful lot of money and setup time and effort just to make a youtube parody.

    • Bart Mitchell

      People will spend inordinate amounts of time on the most bizarre projects. As for an awful lot of money, give me $15 and a weekend to hit the garage sales and I will have double that amount of kitsch.

    • Sunny Day

      I think he’s at a christian store of some kind.
      There seem to be a display rack of clothes and others in the area. With a good camera and post processing it would be easy to walk in on a slow day do 5 min of quick shooting before you attracted too much attention and scoot before a serious alarm could be raised.

      • Sunny Day

        Watched it with the sound off so I could focus on his mannerisms and environment.
        Hes talking alot slower than the typical fundie nutter.
        The flashes of light over his right shoulder seem to be in line with a sudden glare of light from either a passing car or someone walking through a glass storefront door.

      • Bart Mitchell

        Good catch Sunny, it does look like a store. Now, if it’s his store, this might be the real deal. If they clandestinely snuck into the store to film this, I think we could safely say this is a parody.

  • Randy

    Like Luka Magnotta, the previously reigning “ex-gay-porn-star” loon, this guy was not a porn “star”. In fact, unlike Magnotta, there seems even at this point to be zero evidence that Joseph Sciambra was even a porn performer at all. Where are the photos and videos? Either it didn’t happen, or the porn was so forgettable that it’s been lost to time and nobody even cares. Both lead to the conclusion that was was no porn star.

  • vasaroti

    Just another damaged person. Without a full bio (and blood work) we’ll never know just how off the beam he is.