Rowan Atkinson on Jesus’ First Miracle

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  • Rain

    When I was a kid I our preacher told us wine was actually grape juice. He also told us Jesus was coming back sometime during the preacher’s lifetime. (Jerry Falwell said the same thing. )

  • Makoto

    “And the crowd went bananas..” – I’m pretty he’s reading from the NKJ. Or maybe The Message.

  • Joshua Tilghman

    There are so many theories on what Jesus’ first miracle of turning water to wine actually meant. As Rain said, the church I attended many years ago argued the wine was watered down and not very strong – pretty much grape juice.

  • ildi

    Joshua Tilghman: per your post,

    As you might have guessed, it’s no coincidence as to why there are six water pots. Just as the six literal water pots become vehicles to hold the wine, we are human beings comprised of six vehicles that house consciousness. They are the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, lesser causal, and higher causal bodies (some of these were mentioned in former post). True spiritual transformation and consciousness evolution happens when we learn to integrate our awareness in all of these vehicles. Man then becomes a multidimensional being with a truly expanded consciousness.

    cool story, bro!

    • Jabster

      … and you presumable have no connection at all with little Joshy boy then?

      • Sunny Day

        Or the story reminded ildi of an acid trip he once took.

        • Jabster

          I did read a few of the blog entries, for my sins, and although you’d prefer his version of Christianity to say Ken Ham’s or Ray Comfort’s it’s still just a another version of wishful thinking and reading ‘facts’ into the Bible which you have no hope of knowing whether they are true but you want to be true. So what you’re left with is yet another version of the “you’ve got it all wrong, only I have the correct interpretation of God’s word”.

          p.s. If you want to lessen the struggle of reading some of his posts just imagine them been said by a stereo-typical hippy who has a large toke between every sentence.