Science Protection

Clever visual analogy. Science is sort of a puke condom…

  • Reginald Selkirk

    That rates pretty high on the WTF Scale.

  • FO

    Enthusiastic as I am about science, it disturbs me how some make a religion out of it.

    I want to think that it’s because I have never been religious, and I never needed science to get rid of deeply-held superstition.

    • Jabster

      “Enthusiastic as I am about science, it disturbs me how some make a religion out of it.”

      What does making a religion out of science mean to you though?

      I’ve heard this term bandied about but I never quite understand what someone means by it – well unless it’s the old theist trick of trying to drag science down to the same level as religion of course!

      • FO

        Honestly, I don’t know.

        Maybe when the message feels more like propaganda or when science is put above everything else, or when the message is an obvious preaching to the choir.

        I do think that science is the best discipline we have to discover and understand reality, but I feel uncomfortable when people makes an idol out of it, I think it goes against its very nature and intent.
        This, luckily, happens very seldom.

        • kessy_athena

          I’d say that the critical factor is when people forget that science is a method, not a particular set of beliefs. There’s also an issue where lots of other things get rolled up into the idea of science, the same way they do with religion. Sometimes things get labeled as scientific when they really have nothing to do with science. For example, remember your mom telling you that you have to wait for half an hour after eating before you go swimming or you’ll get a stomach cramp? That’s complete nonsense – there’s no such thing as a stomach cramp. People try to wrap themselves in the mantle of science to try to get a credibility they wouldn’t otherwise have. “And our patented snake oil is scientifically proven to cure baldness, help you loose weight, and clean up greasy messes!” And then sometimes the idea of science gets caught up in group identities and senses of self worth. All of those things can contribute to “science” being used in ways similar to a religion.