An Example of Atheist Evangelism

Th ‘net is collectively disgusted by the Pastor who scratched out the automatic gratuity on this restaurant reciept:

According to the Consumerist, this bill was one part of a larger group order, and received the automatic gratuity. One of the waitstaff posted the full receipt on Reddit, leading to number of amateur sleuths hunting down the pastor. Unfortunately, all this led to the waitress getting fired.

But all of this gave at least one person an opportunity to make non-believers look good:

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Romance at Mars Hill
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  • GDad

    That person is full of awesome.

  • anonymous

    I wondered when this would finally hit the atheist channel!

  • vasaroti

    Religious persons and groups are notorious for stiffing the waitstaff.

  • brian fletcher

    I am sooooo doing that my next trip out to eat :)

  • Sisterlisa

    LOL this is awesome!!