Church Sign: Live So Fully …

Alright, that one’s pretty good.

Via Joe.My.God.

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  • Greg G

    I hope to outlive WBC but if I don’t, they are invited to picket mine.

  • mikespeir

    It’s been a long time since I said “AMEN” with such gusto.

  • vasaroti

    I don’t know anything about the congregational denomination. Do they allow gay ministers and marriage? If not, then they’re encouraging people to break their own rules.

    • Brian

      They do. The United Church of Christ was the first “Open and Affirming” denomination in the US (dating back to the mid 80′s)

    • RuthieM

      Huh? I’m not sure what you, vasaroti, are saying. WBC pickets because society is sinful (gay/lesbian), not necessarily that who they are picketing are gay. Hard part about dealing with such people is that as a Christian, I’m supposed to love everyone. Really, really hard.

      • JohnMWhite

        Well, it’s pretty obvious which sin in society gets their goat the most. If you’re going to annoy WBC, being gay is a sure-fire way to do it. I think you’re taking vasaroti’s joke a little too literally.

        • Michael

          They seem to be less concerned with “fags” themselves as with “fag enablers,” which are basically any people they don’t like for whatever reason. One common justification for picketing a funeral is that the deceased was an American soldier or somehow otherwise supporting America: since America is so sinny and full of fags, anybody who supports that country deserves hellfire.

          • JohnMWhite

            I’d still argue that given their description of anybody they don’t like as a ‘fag enabler’, it’s clear that homosexuality is still at the forefront of their problems with society, but yes, they do target just about anybody who does anything to seemingly support that society, gay or not. Again, I don’t think vasaroti was meaning to be taken entirely literally, it’s obvious hating gay people isn’t the only rule for the WBC, but… you know… they keep bringing up ‘fags’. A lot.

      • FO

        Good luck with that.
        But all my respect for your effort.

      • vasaroti

        I’m saying I literally don’t know anything in particular about this denomination, but my experiences with other churches lead me to suspect that many people’s definition of living fully would get them kicked out. My definition would certainly include staying in bed on Sunday morning and not giving a rip about the sex habits, modesty, etc. of others.

    • Noelle

      There are different flavors of congregational churches, but they are known for being fairly liberal. Congregational is also known to make its rules internally and will vary by congregation, rather than having a big national or international group dictating what they do. There are those who will marry same-sex couples and those with lady ministers and those with gay ministers.

  • The Other Weirdo

    Now that Christians are using them as butts of their own jokes, has the WBC finally jumped the shark?

    • UrsaMinor

      Jumped the shark? More like they were unable to clear it.

  • Robster

    Do the godawful WBC godbots hate this church as much as they hate everything else? You’d think that the WBC would save their most vicious hatred for a christian mob that is basically saying: “stuff you”. I must say that most of the time reps from the WBC appear in the media, the really do seem to be sending themselves up more than anything else, like it’s some sort of “in joke”, bit like the bumkins in “Green Acres” only religiously silly.

  • Schaden Freud

    You know, this morning I was feeling really down about the whole existence thing. But then I read this and I had an epiphany: if the mere fact of my existing is enough to send the WBC nutjobs into a slavering frenzy, then I must be doing something right. Not only is my existence worthwhile, it’s practically a public service.

    Thanks, Vorjack!