Quote of the Moment: Ashley Judd

Actress and activist Ashely Judd is supposedly considering a run for Senate in 2014. The Daily Caller listed some of her “bizarre quotes,” including part of this one from her speech, At the Root of My Longing, Social Justice, Feminism, and Spirituality:

Firstly, let me state what patriarchy is NOT. It is not men. It is not boys. It is, rather, a system that is male centered in which both sexes participate, sometimes explicitly, sometimes implicitly. Patriarchal societies are organized in terms of the experience of men as they have been able to define and elaborate on it. Patriarchal religions, of which Christianity is one, gives us a God that is like a man, a God presented and discussed exclusively in male imagery, which legitimizes and seals male power. It is the intention to dominate, even if the intention to dominate is no where visible (Here and throughout I quote Drs Gerda Lerner and Carol Lee Flinders, and Simone de Beauvoir and Gloria Steinem. All references and sources are on your hand outs.) Another term, which is less charged, is “Andocentric,” but I am joyously an uppity Sicilian Hillbilly and I’ll stick with patriarchy, thank you very much. It is my pleasure to make you slightly uncomfortable.

… and so Elizabeth Cady Stanton is reborn. I can’t imagine this woman winning in Kentucky, but I hopes she considers a move to upstate New York, where I’d gladly vote for her.

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  • Reginald Selkirk

    Another term, which is less charged, is “Andocentric,”

    Meaning: centered on Andy. I think the word she wanted is androcentric.

  • kessy_athena

    This is supposed to be a bizarre quote? It sounds perfectly sensible to me, did I miss something? As for Judd’s chances, McConnell seems to be worried enough that he and his surrogates are already running rather nasty attack ads, so I wouldn’t count her out entirely.

    • http://themikewrites.blogspot.com JohnMWhite

      Since vorjack said after the quote that he’d happily vote for Judd, I doubt it is meant to be seen as bizarre.

      Sometimes I wonder about the likes of McConnell and his sugar daddies. The polls did narrow fairly quickly in favour of Judd but she’s still around ten points behind, hugely inexperienced and voters often tend to bottle at the last minute when it comes to voting for somebody a little too radical compared to the incumbent. I’m not entirely sure McConnell is worried – sometimes his ilk seems to just send out attack ads for sport. Still, all Judd has to do is keep a cool head and wait for McConnell’s almost inevitable stupid comment about rape and she’s got a great chance.

      • kessy_athena

        I try to make a habit of not making predictions about elections, because voters are just plain weird. So I’m not going to say too much about Judd’s real chances. But I don’t think people spend money on ads just for the heck of it. My impression is that some conservatives must think Judd has at least the potential to become a serious challenger, and they’re trying to define her as a looney tune and end any potential campaign before it begins.

    • vorjack

      Sorry, I should have said. The Daily Caller is an e-rag founded by conservative pundit-wannabe Tucker Carlson, so its judgement about what is “bizarre” is suspect. The only quote that they list that I wouldn’t at least give a hearing is when she compared Rwandan genocide to mountaintop mining in the Blue Ridge. I appreciate her passion, but that one seems a bit over the top.

      • John St John

        Not really a stretch if you take the violence out of the picture just for a moment. Think of all of the poisons and toxins that are being released into Kentucky’s rivers, streams and ground water by mountain top mining. Now stop and consider all of the folks who are dependent on that contaminated water for survival. Then add in all of the cancers and the like that hit those populations. Take out the violence and we are still left with the deaths and atrocities. Not that far over the top now is it?

        • Elemenope

          Oh, I dunno, I tend to think that violence is rather morally relevant. Don’t get me wrong, negligence that leads to harm is very bad, but intentional violence is an order of magnitude worse.

          • LRA

            Hey, Nope! How are ya? :)

          • Looseleaf

            Violence is just faster.

  • https://www.facebook.com/kirbymtg chris keene

    We are doing our best to rally behind the woman. Rest assured she has my vote should she run.

  • Oosik

    Hello, I just discovered this site through a friend. The first place I checked was the “about” page. Towards the end you respond to standard anti-atheist questions. But the one the stood out was
    - ” Whatever. Obviously you weren’t really a true Christian. So there! ”
    I have issued a challenge to every “faithful” Christian extolling their strict adherence to Jesus’ standing orders required to be of His Church. I call it – Mathew 6 – 1:18 versus IRS Pub. 526. – It is really simple. If a “Faithful” Christian deducts their tithes from their income taxes – 526, they are not in any way a “Faithful” Christian. In fact they have no legitimate claim to identify themselves as such. Taken farther I believe that they are guilty of premeditated tax fraud!! This can be extended to the Organized Religious Corporations also.

    Consider also that some churches, in this case I refer to Mormons, have a tithing requirement to be considered in good standing with their savior. Mormons have a VIP House of God that not all Mormons are allowed to enter. Entrance requires a Temple Recommend. Faithful 10% tithing is a requirement. That is 10% of one’s gross income.

    Depending on one’s tax structure when they deduct that 1o% from their taxes they realize anywhere from 20% to 50% of their tithes in their tax refund. This means that said “Faithful” Christian tithes only took 5% – 8% from their gross income. Therefore both in the letter and spirit of their tithing requirements they fall short. I would go as far as to claim that not one Recommend holder is qualified to have said Recommend.

    I would so like to see like the Mathew 6 v. IRS Pub 526 challenge be used by atheists around the country. I want to see religious tax exemptions ended and forever banned. After all if Christian faiths can not be entirely self-supporting and do the Lord’s Work then they need to quit contributing to the combined $100,000,000.00 spent on lobbyists to work their bidding in the Halls of Congress. Also put an end to buying up high value real estate and removing it from that state’s tax rolls. State budgets are starving. Education and the social safety net services whose reason for being is to render assistance to the old, infirmed, disabled and the children. Hey is that what Jesus was all about??

    So for any church , most especially the LSD [intentional ;) ] , to willfully refuse to pay property taxes whilst encouraging its flock to be fruits and multiply beyond both the parent’s means to support; resulting in having to go to the state for assistance to feed their families on the tax payer’s dime, esp. in light of today’s dwindling tax revenues and result cuts in the safety nets and education?? Well that church ain’t Christian and therefore also guilty of tax fraud.

    A bit of background on me. I used to be a bible-thumping Holy Rolling Assemblies of God Pentecostal. In fact my pastor , on Doug Oss Phd. gave me an ultimatum in the aftermath of an indiscretion. Find a new church of go to Teen Challenge for a minimum of 6 months. Mr. Oss drove me to the Salt Lake City Greyhound station, handed me a round trip ticket and the church had paid my “tuition. Though originally conceived to convert at-risk youths it was expanded to provide needed revenues but I digress. I was 48. I lasted two weeks. It was/is a boot camp by every measure. Too long of a story for this post.

    Finally everything came together in a blinding collision and when my vision returned I found myself to be a Jesus Living Atheist. I have always agreed with me buddy Jesus’ – the natural man’s philosophy. The philosophy predates Jesus by a bunch of years and is found in nearly all cultures that I can think of.
    The funny thing is that even if I’m wrong about the mythology? My odds of passing through the pearly gates are many times greater than all the tax defrauding “Faithful” Christians.

    [I do hope that my first post on this site isn't considered mis-located or too rambling. Most sites that I post regularly know that when my post opens with - Ramblert advisory issued - it is a longer than common post. ]

    Thanks for listening!!!

    • Noelle

      Hi and welcome. If you know where the “about” tab is, then you’ll see “forum” right next to it. Give it a click. That is a good place for introductions and questions and lots of topics. It could use some fresh blood. Come on over.

  • vasaroti

    This is bizarre only to people who never took any history or humanities courses.

    • Reginald Selkirk

      Or to people who cannot handle polysyllablism.