Quote of the Moment: Ashley Judd

Actress and activist Ashely Judd is supposedly considering a run for Senate in 2014. The Daily Caller listed some of her “bizarre quotes,” including part of this one from her speech, At the Root of My Longing, Social Justice, Feminism, and Spirituality:

Firstly, let me state what patriarchy is NOT. It is not men. It is not boys. It is, rather, a system that is male centered in which both sexes participate, sometimes explicitly, sometimes implicitly. Patriarchal societies are organized in terms of the experience of men as they have been able to define and elaborate on it. Patriarchal religions, of which Christianity is one, gives us a God that is like a man, a God presented and discussed exclusively in male imagery, which legitimizes and seals male power. It is the intention to dominate, even if the intention to dominate is no where visible (Here and throughout I quote Drs Gerda Lerner and Carol Lee Flinders, and Simone de Beauvoir and Gloria Steinem. All references and sources are on your hand outs.) Another term, which is less charged, is “Andocentric,” but I am joyously an uppity Sicilian Hillbilly and I’ll stick with patriarchy, thank you very much. It is my pleasure to make you slightly uncomfortable.

… and so Elizabeth Cady Stanton is reborn. I can’t imagine this woman winning in Kentucky, but I hopes she considers a move to upstate New York, where I’d gladly vote for her.