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Bob Seidensticker catches William Lane Craig and other apologists suggesting that slavery in Biblical times and more recent slavery, including the chattel slavery found in the Americas, were so dissimilar as to be different things. All of this is in the service of rescuing the Bible from accusations of being pro-Slavery:

This idea that biblical slavery was very different from American slavery—indeed, that it was a good thing—is common within many Christian blogs.

The slavery referred to in the Bible was a fundamentally different practice [than that practiced in the West]. Some translations try to indicate this by using the word “bondservant.” … Biblical “slavery” was not race-based (Stand to Reason blog).

The “New Testament Slavery” of the Ancient Near East … has little in common with the “New World Slavery” … of our American ancestors (Please Convince Me blog).

Bob gives it a good debunking. As it happens, this is also the topic for Nonstampcollector’s latest video:

Whether you’re a believer or non-believer, when confronting bible slavery, don’t let anyone throw up this ridiculous smokescreen that says that the slavery instituted in the old testament was so completely different to, say, pre-civil war US slavery. The usual tactic is to throw facts and rules about Israelite indentured servitude around, to throw you off the scent of a Yahweh-mandated form of slavery EVERY BIT as bad as anything we’ve seen in recent centuries. This line of argument is so prevalent that I’m confused as to whether its proponents actually believe it or not; but either way, this video is my attempt to inject a bit of reality into this very important area of discussion.

The god of the bible mandated oppressive life-long slavery of foreigners – pretty much a concise description of one of the worst forms of human rights abuses the world has ever had to grapple with. It’s as simple as that.

Full script is available at that other atheist blog collective.

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