Black Muslim Atheists

If you want to support second amendment rights but you consider the National Rifle Association to be too moderate, you might want donate to the Gun Owners of America. They’ve got less than 1% of the NRA’s budget, but they really do pack the crazy. The president of GOA is Larry Pratt and he recently appeared on a talk show as part of his ongoing effort to make Wayne LaPierre seem sane and balanced.

Solomon: I’ve said on this show on a couple of occasions that I believe that in the year 2013 we’re going to see an explosion of attacks on halves by have-nots. But more specifically on white halves by black have-nots; more specifically on Christian, heterosexual white haves by black, Muslim and/or atheist — not that there’s much difference — black have-nots. It’s just what I see. I believe if you are a white person in this country, and this holds for all quality people of any color, but I’m saying specifically if you are a white, heterosexual, Christian, working, married person, if you don’t have a gun on you, know how to use it and make sure that everyone in your family who is of age has a weapon and knows how to use it, there is at least a substantial chance that you and/or some member of your family will be hurt and/or killed.

I’m confused. Does Pratt believe that atheists aren’t much different than blacks? Muslims? Black Muslims? It’s Newt Gingrich all over again.