NOM’s World is Shrinking

The National Organization (against) Marriage has a history of boycotting companies that publicly support gay marriage, offer partner benefits or advertise to the gay community. But right now they must be looking at moving into a cave and cutting off all contact with the outside world, because America’s business community is rushing to support the side of marriage equality in the current Supreme Court case.

According to the Gay … er, Grey Lady:

This week, Goldman Sachs was one of more than 100 corporations that lodged their support for same-sex marriage in two briefs filed with the Supreme Court. “I think people wanted to attach themselves to what may be the last great civil rights issue of our time,” Mr. Blankfein said.

Even the authors of the briefs seemed surprised by the wave of corporate support. “What’s remarkable is how fast this happened,” Joshua Rosenkranz, a partner at Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe, told me as his brief was about to be filed on Thursday. “When I first started working on this issue, people said gay marriage was an idea whose time hadn’t yet come. Even people in the gay rights community said that. When we started to try to get corporate support, I was a little apprehensive. But I’ve been bowled over. Corporate America is not only already there, but they’re passionate about it. For them, it’s not just a human rights issue, it’s a business imperative.”

All of which leaves NOM with a problem …

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