Quote of the Moment: Your Myths vs. My Myths

Dean Galbrraith over at Remnant of Giants found this quote in a review of the new movie Jack the Giant Killer at the Christian Post:

Unlike our fairy tale teenager Jack, David was a real life, flesh and bone adolescent who faced up to a giant bigger and badder than any we will face. There was no beanstalk or imaginary kingdom in the clouds in this event, but there was a nine foot tall gargantuan monstrosity named Goliath who mocked the God of Angel Armies.

– Lane Palmer, “You Can Be a Giant Slayer!”, Christian Post, 4 March 2013

Your myths are false nonsense, mine are true wisdom …

One thing that Palmer doesn’t realize is that even taken at face value there are complexities in the Biblical text that raise questions about the story of David and Goliath. See Atheist Biblical Criticism for a deconstruction of the text.

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