Disqus – ted

Patheos is making a changeover in its comment system to Disqus. I am, frankly, in over my head on this, so I can only report what Patheos is telling me.

I think the idea is to do the changeover ASAP, and the process will take some 24 hours to integrate all the old comments. During that time there’s a good chance that some of the comments made will be lost in the shuffle.

I’ll update as they update me. For the record, it looks like Libby Anne and Chris Hallquist are more on ball than I am. Let’s face it, they usually are.

EDIT: The changeover is done and Disqus is now “absorbing” the past few days of comments. Makes it sound like we’ve picked up a symbiot or something.

  • http://squeakysoapbox.com/ Rich Wilson

    Hemant has been using Disqus for quite some time now. On the whole, I appreciated the integrated “no need to keep logging in” aspect. The Internets are already have all my data.

  • http://zadl.org/ Captain ZADL

    This might increase my commenting activity :) Which was nearly 0 before…… :/

  • http://slrman.wordpress.com/ James Smith

    Blame it on my parents. They always told me to “think about Peru”. I doubt they ever considered what would happen if I really did that.

    Now, I suspect what they meant was, “Think what we tell you but stop masturbating so much ” Too late. When I was 13, (1956) I began to go blind but I didn’t let the absurdity of that stop me from masturbating.

    Because I have been “encouraged” (forced) to masturbate several times, it was easy for me to see the look of young boys, some christians like young boys, and how they beat off.