Pat Roberton Performs the Classics

Pat Robertson is asked a question about whether is safe to play video games with magic in them. Robertson apparently draws a complete blank. My guess is that he hasn’t paid attention to video games since the Atari, and just can’t see how you can have magic in Pong.

So, bless ‘em, he reprises his glory years preaching against Dungeons and Dragons. Honestly, it’s like the eighties again. I had to wipe a tear of nostalgia from my eye. C’mon, Pat, preach about heavy metal and back-masking subliminal messages next, then tell us all about how the world will end in 1988.

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  • UrsaMinor

    Pong was magic, back in the day.

  • mikespeir

    Poor Pat. It’s hard to tell whether he actually believes that crap or just wishes he did.

  • surfinbird

    That’s it I’m never playing dungeons and Dragons again…..

    • Marc Mielke

      D&D is rather tame. Call of Cthulhu or some of the wilder White Wolf books (where you have no-shit Satan-worshipping vampires!) would have him shitting his pants…even if he WAS still continent, that is.