Tyson vs. Limbaugh

AKA Science vs. Bullshit:

via Joe.My.God

There used to be whole books dedicated to chronicling all of Rush Limbaugh’s mistakes. I think it’s a measure of how his influence has waned that no one bothers anymore.

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  • http://themikewrites.blogspot.com JohnMWhite

    I doubt his influence has waned all that much. Because of him and his ilk, US politics is completely constipated, and close to half the country is aggressively ill-informed and tilting at Obama’s imaginary windmills (and some of his real windmills, because Rush Limbaugh told them wind power is bad). It’s just got to the point where there’s too much unreality to really tackle, and the country is too entrenched for anybody to actually want to learn or offer honest information. Limbaugh’s side has literally declared war on science and education. What’s the point in publishing books to refute them when they think books are tools of the devil? It’s depressing to behold. The worst part is Limbaugh could channel his naked racist hatred into something relatively positive if he rallied his followers against real political problems, like drone strikes, but he and they are completely disinterested in doing that because that would require caring about the fate of other human beings.

  • A Hermit

    Is it bad that I was hoping to see the big fat idiot in a boxing ring with Iron Mike?

    This was pretty good too…

    • kessy_athena

      I have to admit that was the first thing that jumped to my mind too. Sadly, I doubt Limbaugh would miss an ear – he never uses them anyway.

      • Lurker111

        Good grief! That was the first thing that came to mind for me, too! Wonder if there’s a “Surreality Show” premise here! ;)

    • Highlander

      I have to admit, when I saw the headline I was hoping for a video of Mike Tyson chasing Rush around a ring while Limbaugh screams like a little girl about how sorry he is for the “Barrak the Magic Negro ” song.

  • JA

    If CO2 caused climate cooling, then Venus should be an ice planet.